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Sunday, 17 July 2011

New Stug IIIs!

This is a kind of supplimentary post to the last game!

I recently got a few Stug IIIs for skirmishing with from Bolt Action and Die Waffenkammer...

 The 4 Stugs, painted in a similar camouflage style, can you tell the Die Waffenkammer Stug from the 3 Bolt Action ones?
 This is one of the Bolt Action ones.
 ..And this is the Die Waffenkammer one!

I actually prefer the Die Waffenkammer one - just! - it was a bit more expensive but came with an option of gun mantlets and Machine gun shields. It also had enough bits and bobs - satchels, blankets, Jerrycans et al to festoon all 4 vehicles!

I am seriously impressed with the ranges of 28mm WW2 vehicles coming out at the moment!

Happy Gaming everyone!