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Saturday 23 June 2012

Gopher hunt?

Today, we did Wings of Glory, and had 2 good games!

The first was to try a new variant of my solo rules, which was ok, but not revealing as to how good the rules are, as SE5a's are far too good against Albatross DVa's!
I flew one of the Albatrosses though, and managed to down one SE and mangle another before I succumbed, Great fun!

The second game was short, but was the first game using my Gotha V....Phil had amused us when we discussed doing this game as he thought we were doing a hunt of small rodents!..

The Gotha was placed in the table centre, Lawrence's Camel diced to arrive in its rear.
 My SE5 diced to appear on its right..
 Phil deployed to my right....and Ian on the Gotha's left.
 The Gotha, huge and menacing, ploughed forward. 
 We all moved to engage it.
 Phil reached it first, and manoeuvred to avoid its guns.
 Ian managed to kill the rear gunner with a superb flank shot.
 Surprised by the Gotha's speed, I got left behind with the camel!
 The Gotha swept left while we jockeyed for a shot.
The retreating Gotha ran alongside the Camel. 
..which rapidly closed and destroyed the hapless bomber! 
The Gotha was incredibly unlucky, the loss of both gunners in quick succession doomed it.
We have played against Rolands, with the same armament, and been trashed by the gunners! - I think it may well be much harder next time!


Camel: Lawrence
SE5's: Phil, Ian and me.

Gotha: Run by my solo system: Downloads - Wings of War

Sunday 17 June 2012

Norman's Normans!

We did a Dark Ages skirmish today..

Phil (Norman D landings) and I had Normans, each supported by either Saxons or Vikings.

Phil's Norman horse deployed behind his crossbowmen, on a hill.
Ian deployed his Saxons, with the rest of the Norman infantry, to his left.
My Normans deployed opposite the hill and wood.
Lawrence deployed his Vikings on my right, intending to outflank the Saxons.
My Norman line advanced, moving behind the wood screening them from Phil's crossbowmen.
Opposite, the Saxons waited.
Lawrence's Vikings began their outflanking move.
My men being in cover...
... Lawrences shield-wall took several crossbow hits!
Norman's Norman infantry advanced towards my men.
My archers were pointlessly peppering the Saxons with arrows!
I moved some infantry to guard against this attack.

Lawrence's Vikings were continuing their outflanking move.
Phil's crossbowmen see some of my infantry..
..despite their armour, one of my men is wounded.
My Knights move to outflank these pesky crossbowmen!
Phil halts in the wood, safe from my bowmen...
..who are now in perfect position to face him.
Lawrence's archers see a gap in the hillocks, and shoot the Saxons.
A small group of Saxons, alerted, turn to face Lawrence's men.
..but their main force is massed against me.
Phil's cavalry leaves the hill. Moving towards the threatened flank.
The flanks are engaged in shooting. 
The crossbowmen shoot the outflanking Vikings.
Suddenly, most of the infantry facing my Normans, turns with the cavalry to support the threatened flank! 
 My archers shoot ineffectually as they go.
 The rest of my force moves to follow the enemy Normans move.
 Lawrence leads his Vikings in the attack.
 The Saxons, reinforced, stand ready to receive them.
 The Norman cavalry ride over the Vikings facing them.
 ..While their infantry attacks the other Viking flank.

At this point, our attack seems like a spent force...the rapid redeployment of the Saxon-Normans forced the Vikings to retreat.

My plan to launch a co-ordinated attack from front and flank had failed.
Fortunately, casualties were light, so we could try again! 

I should never have split my force...I had underestimated my opponents!

Olympic Torch relay!

Last Friday, (15th June 2012), I got stuck in a bus on my way home from work in Newcastle.

The reason was the Olympic torch relay had arrived...

It started with Police on motorcycles then a series of lorries and buses:

 ..all exhorting the soggy population to rejoice!
 ..while doing some advertising!
 In case you are wondering, the runners are ferried in a coach and dropped of in front of the runner, rather than organising everone to wait en route!
 The runner was led by a flurry of cameramen.
 Why, its  - Jack Charlton OBE -no less!
 (Sorry for the picture quality!)
Rather ironic slogan since it was very wet! 
Not something you see every day!