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Sunday 30 June 2013

Wings of Glory...in the dark!

Yesterday we did a WW1 Wings of Glory game at the club, as there were only 3 of us!
Unfortunately, we could only use a really dark green cloth for the game as my nice ones had been 'borrowed' - Grrrr!

So with an apology for the picture quality....

The scenario was one given us by my campaign rules... a damaged SE5a being escorted off table by the players in undamaged SE5a's. 
A group of 4 Albatross DVa's opposed us, run by the Solo rules free to download!
The damaged SE in front, with my SE, Phil's multi coloured one and Lawrences behind. 
I sideslipped left to outflank the approaching Germans. 
While the damaged SE flew past the melee, Phil and Lawrence engaged the 4 Albatrosses. 
The shooting produced little damage, but Lawrences guns jammed. 
 As the 2 sides passed through each other, my SE got a fleeting hit on an Albatross. 
 The damaged SE got off table very easily.. we were left with 3 against 4.
Both sides circled to get a shot. 
Lawrence led 2 off, while Phil and I tried to get on the tail of the other 2. 
 Our greater speed and manoeuvrability got me a shot..I jammed too! 
 Lawrence 'Immelmanned' on his pursuers and got a hit.
 Phil took over from me and got a good hit on the red albatross.
 Lawrence was desperately avoiding his 2 opponents.
 ..He couldn't avoid them forever! 
 I got into a good shooting position..with jammed guns!
 Lawrence could not shake the blue Albatross.
My guns unjammed..but I still missed! 
 Lawrence was still being shot at....
 At point blank I still missed!
 Phil turned to help Lawrence.
..but only ended up getting shot by the Albatross instead! 
Finally, we disengaged! 
 We were together by chance, and sped round to attack an isolated Albatross.
Lawrence got a good hit. 
..and another on the next enemy 
We swept on by! 
In the end I side-slipped left to avoid a collision with my friends! 
The Albatrosses were coming together too, making model positioning difficult! 
 We turned again to attack.
 I managed to get a hit on the Red Albatross.
The Albatrosses looked more co-ordinated at this point. 
Phil got a good hit again. 
 Lawrence 'Immelmanned' to get back to the action.
Phil got another great hit at close range, the Albatrosses were getting in each others way! 
 Lawrence returned to start circling again.
We were surrounded by Albatrosses! 
..but we turned to meet them. 
The battle spread out.. 
..and coalesced back together. 
 Phil picked up an Albatross.
 Lawrence was fencing with 2 Albatrosses again. 
 The turning began to bring us back together.
 Lawrence outran his enemies and came to join me.
Phil got hit by an albatross severely. 
 I came nose to nose with my quarry.. 
 I got on fire, but my fire destroyed the Albatross. 
We now had 3 against 3! 
 The fire took a toll on my plane.
 Still we attacked, Lawrence got a long range shot..
 He stuck on the Albatross and got a good hit.
I got a close range shot on an Albatross and killed the pilot! BANG! 
My fire went out with me having 5 pts left, Lawrence also got on fire! 
 With 50% losses, the Albatrosses dived away for their lines!
A close game! - we were all badly damaged, but we were lucky!

Back for tea, what?