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Saturday, 21 May 2022

A severe case of overkill!

 Today, at Mick's request we had a Star Wars skirmish game using my rules - we were using the Classic Star Wars figures in about the period just before Return of the Jedi.

Lawrence used Lando Calrissian, leading some Rebel commandos, which I painted up some years ago but have never used.

Phil used Luke Skywalker.

Mick used Chewbacca.

I used Han Solo.

Our mission would be to destroy a communication tower at the far side of a village.

Our forces

I had recently painted some Sci fi civilians, so my villages will look different from now on! The white markers are Portal Markers which are possible entry ports for the Imperial forces.
I covered all the likely approach routes to the Comm tower.
'Lando's Commandos' would stay off table for a turn.
Han and Chewie moved forward keeping to cover.
Luke hid in a bush!
As the Commandos arrived they spotted an Imperial patrol...
Even at long range the Rebels fire was impressive, most impressive!
Another section of Imps came up to support their colleagues.
Han couldn't get a clean shot so came into the open, getting pinned by enemy fire for his trouble! 
It didn't matter, the Commando's massed fire...
(And Chewie!) took the Imperials down!
The poor Stormies hardly got a shot back.
Luke remembered his Force abilities and charged in supported by the Wookie, and the last Bucket head legged it!
Another squad of Stormtroopers attacked our flank but the Commandos on the hill were well positioned...
With the enemy all destroyed, Lando's men advanced warily.
Luke went round the flank.
Han rounded a corner and instinctively fired!
The commander of a new band of Imps fell, the return fire from his men could have killed me, but every dice has a 1...!
Han crossed into the tall building just in time as an AT-ST rounded the corner.
Luke Force ran and hacked its leg off!
A second AT-ST attacked from behind us, but Luke attacked again and cut it down.
The Portal markers had all been dislodged, and the village was littered with dead Stormtroopers.
Chewie casually planted a mine on the Comm tower...
Ah well, I agreed with Lawrence that had he had 4 Commandos instead of 12 it may have been more even. My solo system is geared for smaller player forces, so it was probably a given we would win with the force we had.
War isn't fair! - but its more fun to win against an enemy with a chance of winning, isn't it!

Saturday, 14 May 2022

Anyone for an Albatros?

 Today, we had a total change and went back to WW1 aircraft using my old Wings of Glory models.

We decided to return to where we started many years ago with a Sopwith Camel/Albatros DVa battle, with my solo rules running the Germans.

Our Camels, Phil on the left, Lawrence on the right, and me in the middle!

Our opponents, three Albatros DVa's.
We started as normal just racing towards each other, though our side did a bit of sideslipping!
I lost the first exchange taking 2 damage to my opponent's 1, Phil turned as he got raked by another German!
I 'Immelmanned' and got covered by 2 Albatroses as they 'Keyed' on me!
Lawrence was being stalked by the third Albatros.
I managed to get out of my melee and got a shot at stripey tail!
Lawrence had reversed and ran parallel to his opponent. 
I was fencing with another 'Black tailed' enemy.
I managed to get on his tail...
...He turned into my fire!
The Albatros...blew up!
The blue Albatros was still trying to get 'a bead' on Lawrence.
But wisely avoided the Camel's torque turn, heading away from it.
Phil was now stalking Stripey Tail.
Stripey tail was stalking me!
I avoided the attack and joined Phil.
Lawrence was trying to get behind the blue Albatros.
As the Albatros turned to engage, Lawrence got a shot which missed!
Phil and I split, as our Albatros turned to attack us.
I turned sharply and caught him, but again with no damage caused.
Phil turned to attack Stripey tail too.
Stripey turned into Phil and took 3 damage, but Phil's guns jammed.
Lawrence was still weaving with Blue.
Lawrence turned to run alongside his nemesis.
Blue turned into Lawrence, who overshot.
Stripey had passed Phil...
Phil Immelmanned and I turned to attack in concert.
The Albatros turned and avoided us.
Lawrence Immelmanned to parallel Blue. 
Blue turned to engage.
Lawrence was in a good position...
...He caught Blue with a good hit.
...as did I against Stripey tail.
Stripey turned one way, we did the other!!
We Immelmanned and I got some damage from the aggressive Albatros!
The wily German got between us!
Lawrence got behind Blue...
...the poor Albatross got caught.
As he turned to escape, Lawrence caught him again!
I was out of position, so turned to join Lawrence.
Blue turned and I evaded, hopefully to allow Lawrence to finish him.
Phil was fencing with Stripey aggressively.
Phil Immelmanned onto his tail and hammered him.
The wily Albatros escaped...just!
On our side, Lawrence indeed got a good shot on Blue...
Blue turned as did we and caught him between us.
Lawrence had a kill too!
Stripey tail headed home alone...
Another RAF victory!