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Saturday 18 June 2011

The Wolf at the door!

After the brilliant but tiring weekend at Durham Annual show, we decided to do a Viking vs Saxon game....

 As usual, Lawrence's terrain made a nice display!
 Ian (left), Daniel and Phil, with Lawrence in the foreground.
 Lawrence's Viking force holding the Norse right.
Phil held the Norse left 
 Ian held the Anglo-Saxon centre...
..with Daniel's men on the right. 
 Lawrence's men advanced on the Saxons.
 Phil's Norse left moved forward to hold a wood and a hillock.
 Ian's centre moved forward to meet them..
 My light force on the Saxon left supporting them.
 A couple of wild ponies, scared by the movement, made their escape!
 The Vikings took up a strong defensive line facing the Saxon advance.
 I detached my slingers to outflank the Viking position. 
The Viking right detached their slingers to meet them.
 The Saxon centre began to form their Shield -Wall.
 My slingers got a lucky hit!!
 The viking slingers shot back!! 
As the Saxon Fyrdsmen advanced on them, the Viking slingers looked concerned!.. 
 Then evaded back to their own lines.
Daniel's Saxons on the Saxon right goaded their opponents to attack.  
 Ian's centre moved to support me on the left.. 
 ..and I moved my men to join the left of the shield-wall.
 The heavily armed Vikings facing Ian and me stood waiting.
Phil's commander stood on a hill-discussing shrubberies??? 
 The Saxon shield wall advanced grimly.
 The Vikings charged in furiously.
 The Saxons lost heavily (Awful die rolling!!!!!)
 My Saxons on the left fared better, though not without loss. 
 Daniel's men could not support them safely or easily.
Ian's Lord fell to a Viking axe! 
With the Saxon centre wavering, the Saxon force withdrew!

Curse those heathen Vikings!

Saturday 11 June 2011

Wars of the Roses skirmish- at Durham!

Hi there!

The nice folks at Durham invited us to do a demonstration of my 'Sword and Dagger' medieval skirmish rules at their annual show on 11th June 2011.

We opted for a Wars of the Roses game again....

The Percies faced the Nevilles over a river. The game objective was for the Percies to storm the bridge and fords near a tavern....

The Percies initially advanced toward the river.
  ..The Nevilles were waiting on the far bank.
Around the Tavern, the Percies advanced in cover. 
On the left however, they were being shot down by the Neville archers! 
 Meanwhile, on the Percy right, the archers moved into shooting position..
 Opposite the Percy left the Nevilles were taking casualties..
 ..Though not as many as the Percies!
..who eventually fled into the wood.
 On the Percy right, the archers were trading shots..
 ..and getting much the better of the exchange! 
 In the centre, the Percies Gascon crossbowmen were losing..
..and fought bravely on almost to the last man!
 ..as were the Nevilles facing the Percy right!
 The Percy right were also losing men, slowly but steadily.
 ..especially when the unopposed Neville right began to move to engage!
This massed shooting eventually forced the Percies to withdraw.
The Nevilles had won! - after a long streak of defeats this victory was all the sweeter...

The Percies withdrew reluctantly, vowing revenge!

(The rules used are freely downloadable at Sword and Dagger rules)