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Saturday 20 November 2010

How to use the Wings of War Solo rules!

I have been asked to show how my solo system works for WofW!

Until the enemy comes within 24" of your sides aircraft, they just move a series of fast straight manoeuvres. I can command my aircraft as I wish...

Each turn thereafter, I place my manoeuvre cards as normal.

Then I throw a D6 (or flip a coin!) for each solo run aircraft....

Typical! - a 1! - though in this case its not bad!

and place the game template around the models base...

...then see in which numbered sector the nearest hostile model is in, then cross reference the sector with the die roll on the Manoeuvre card....

..and place the relevant 3 Manoeuvre cards as normal on the play card.

..and play the three moves as in an opposed game as normal!

And if you are lucky....



Back for char, what?

(Incidentally, I normally repaint all my models- the SE5a is Rhys-Davies' and the Fokker DR1 is Werner Voss')


  1. Just found your solo game for WoG,on YouTube.looks great and simple to use,me being not very technical,with printing out template for the plane base how do you get it the right size for the plastic plane base.cheers

    1. Hi there, if you download the template it is designed to print on A4 card. If its too small to fit on the plane base when you cut out the white square, just trim more of the yellow area till it does fit.
      The site to download all the sheets and the template are at this link: https://herkybird.tynesidewargames.co.uk/wofg.html

      I hope this helps?