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Sunday 25 December 2022

Happy Christmas!

 May I take the opportunity to wish all of my readers a very Happy Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for all your support over the last year and hope you understand how much encouragement you have given me (and I am sure all Bloggers) by simply viewing, and especially commenting on my posts.

Have a peaceful and Happy day!

I look forward to posting again in 2023!!!

Saturday 17 December 2022

A game of three halves!

 Today was our last game at the club until 7th January 2023! -What will we do till then?

However, today we had planned for a game which could encompass 5 players, Wings of Glory WW1-- but in the end it was only Lawrence and myself!!!

Still, with my solo rules running some planes, at least it wouldn't be a one on one game, which I don't much enjoy.

Our opponents: 2 Fokker DR1's, including the mandatory Red Baron!

Newcastle United being our local football team, a Black and White Tripe seemed appropriate to accompany him so we used Kirschstein's stripey one.
Lawrence loves Sopwith Camels, so we used them today (Lawrence's plane has the stripy tail.
We advanced on the Germans trying to outflank them and turn in.
Unfortunately, Lawrence took a Bang result, and me an engine hit, Game over!
Curse you Red Baron!

2nd game...
This looks familiar!

We tried the same tactics, and hoped for better luck this time...
Lawrence and the Baron passed each other, eying each other malevolently, my plane didn't get a shot.
We all turned after passing, apart from Kirschstein.
My torque turn put me neatly on the Baron's tail.
The Baron was engaged with Lawrence, but missed!
I turned to face Kirschstein, who had Immelmanned.
We all passed again with no shooting.
Lawrence turned to get on the Baron's tail.
I was fencing with Kirschstein.
I ended up flying out of the battle, leaving Lawrence against 2 DR1's.
I turned to try and rejoin the party.
Unfortunately, Kirschstein caught Lawrence turning and the Bang card came out again! --Honestly, I do always shuffle the damage decks!!!!

Yep, the third attempt!!!

The bad guys are on a roll...
We arrived again with hope in our hearts!
We approached as normal...
Neither side tried anything fancy...
We passed uneventfully.
Lawrence tried to turn using the torque turn I assume to confuse the Baron?!
I looked like I was attracting both Germans this game!
I moved out of the trap while Lawrence turned after the Baron.
I tried to join him but attracted the Baron!
I managed to turn on him but jammed my guns!
As I tried to get them working Kirschstein and Lawrence went nose to nose, Lawrence getting the better of it!
I was still chasing the Baron
I finally managed to get my guns unjammed!!!

Well, that was a fun afternoon, we couldn't believe 3(!) 'Bang' cards came out in 3 games, but that is the unpredictability of the game that helps make it such fun! 

Saturday 10 December 2022

My first command...

 This week, Lawrence chose a WW2 skirmish game (using my rules) involving his US infantry trying to seize a farmhouse in France.

I randomly got command, which meant I got command of a squad plus the command group and a detached 30 Cal from Company.

IPhil, in his first game of this, I put in support of Lawrence's squad, with instructions to sweep left round the farmhouse and kind of 'Sneak in'. We had the possible support of 2 M-10 Tank Destroyers, as we had no bazooka team.

The battlefield, we would arrive on the right top corner woods.

Our target, a farmhouse being used as a German HQ, according to intelligence.
I assumed the road would be covered, so a wide sweep through the most covered part of the table (the stone walled fields) seemed expeditious.
Lawrence led his squad through the woods, I had suggested his men might sprint from the wood edge to the hedges beyond.
They would wait for IPhil's men to come into their rear before doing that though.
True to my orders, IPhil's men arrived and entered the wood...
...then they had a change of mind and started going right towards the road!
Lawrence's men didn't wait, and jogged across the open ground without getting spotted.
One big Portal Marker was dislodged, but still able to see Lawrence's first fire team.
A small group of German infantry appeared...but didn't see Lawrence's men.
I had appeared at last, and sent my squad after Lawrence, I had decided IPhil was so out of position he might as well just watch the flank. I dropped off the 30 Cal to support him...and cover the road.
Lawrence moved cautiously along the track towards the stone walled fields...
...and there waiting for him was a Hetzer!
As they decided what to do, the German infantry had spotted one of Lawrence's men, and decided to run over and take a prisoner!
They were surprised to find a full section but carried on their assault, the first round of battle went to the big American!
The rest of Lawrence's men engaged the Germans behind.
The Yank wounded the German he was fighting.
Unfortunately, all the activity brought a StuG into the arena, though it didn't spot anyone.
Look in the top right of this picture, a Panzerjager team was filtering through the woods, unseen.
An M-10 finally arrived on our side!
The US infantry captured one and killed the others in the German fire team.
The M-10 didn't spot the Hetzer, but did spot the Panzerjager team, and engaged it with the 50 Cal.
Although 2 Panzerfausters were suppressed, the Panzerschreck wasn't! 
The StuG too spotted Lawrence's forward fire team and shredded it with a well aimed 75mm round!

With that, I realized the jig was up, and ordered a rapid retreat!

A win for the solo system!

I will have to make up a Bazooka team for Lawrence to use before next game!!!