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Saturday, 13 August 2022

Russian assault

 Today, after a week off for the Edinburgh show, we decided to do another & Years war game as its easier on one of our regulars who is having a minor op this week (good luck- get better quickly!)

We used my Prussians against my Russians, which Phil has borrowed to save me having to carry 2 armies down to the club!

Naturally, I lost the initiative rolls (just!) which meant we had to deploy in the centre sectors only, I got choice of side, but the Russians got first move.

My deployment, my left wing horse were hampered by a wood.

The Russian deployment! - Lawrence on their right had his cavalry in the front line with infantry behind and to the side!
The terrain, 2 low hills, a marshy area and the small wood.
Phil on the Russian left rode his horse round the marsh on to the flank.
He turned a regiment of his second line to extend his line.
Lawrence had less luck getting his orders out, he got the Serbski hussars and a regiment of Cuirassiers moving. 
The Russian centre was advancing, but the mass of Russian horse stayed immobile.
I did better on my right as I got my Hussars and 2 regiments of Kuirassiers moving.
On my left, I had to move my horse slowly while the infantry line advanced.
My artillery played on the Russian Hussars, but only disordered them.
My right wing infantry mounted the hill.
I launched IR6 from gun protection duties to intercept the Russian Cuirassiers.
My fire was devastating!
As the Russian Hussars galloped past, their supporting heavies recoiled.
They finally rallied behind a heavy gun battery.
The Russian Hussars turned to try to get my Kuirassiers in difficulty...
..A short controlled charge by KR8 dispersed them!
Lawrence's infantry was a bit disarrayed one group of Grenadiers and Musketeers was ahead of the main line.
My right wing Hussars tried to ride round the extended Russian line, which fired ineffectually on them.
My infantry was attacked by the advanced Russian brigade, their initial fire was quite effective, but my men held! (No '1' on the die roll this week!!!)
On the other wing the Russian Heavy battery fired on IR6.
My return fire on the Russian Grenadiers was less effective.
I had got my Heavy gun playing on the Russian extended wing, and damaged a Battalion.
After their initial failure, my infantry began hitting the Russian Grenadiers.
On my right, I had to help my cavalry so threw a brigade against the Corps of Observation, which had massive gun support.
I advanced my Grenadiers over the hill, through shot and Cannister.
My left wing regiment was having a harder time fighting the Musketeers in the advanced group than expected.
I threw IR6 forward to try to open the flank for my Cavalry, but they were blasted by the Russian artillery.
The Corps of Observation was punishing my advanced regiment.
The Russian Grenadiers were falling like nine-pins!
A final volley wiped the two Russian Grenadier battalions out!
The remaining Musketeers routed!
My right wing infantry bravely tried to break through the Corps of Observation.
The Russian fire was relentless.
My Grenadiers, urged on by their Brigadier, surged forward.
Ly left wing regiment was attacked by larger numbers of fresh Russian infantry.
The Corps of Observation and Russian Musketeers with their supporting artillery broke up my desperate attack.
My Hussars were caught by a Russian Cuirassier regiment, and were beaten badly.
They fled the field pursued by the Russians.
Lawrence now launched an all or nothing attack on my disordered IR6, whose fire was ragged, allowing the Russians to close.
Amazingly the dice rolled a draw, and both regiments broke off and withdrew.
At this point, I decided to cede the game, as my poor Prussian infantry was shattered.
The failure of my second line infantry on the right to support the attack, and the solidity of the Russian infantry meant my horse were unable to attack effectively.
On the left I had done better, but Russians still outnumbered me,
Ah well, never mind! The Prussians would have been able to disengage easily and plot their vengeance!

Saturday, 30 July 2022

Back to playtesting

 Today we got my cardboard Triremes out again to try the provisional rules I am writing for them. Since last game, I sorted out ramming and shearing attacks.

Lawrence had 4 Triremes, in a tight formation.

The play sheets and manoeuvre templates, modified after last game.
Phil had 4 Triremes to face Lawrence. Oddly he started with the name slips on the ship forecastles!- his ships were in a more open order than Lawrence's.
Phil advanced at a high rate, tiring his crews early in the game. Lawrence turned his ships obviously trying to outflank Phil's ships.
It became clear that Lawrence was not going to get round the flank easily!
Phil now shipped his oars, and diced to get his crews fresh again.
As Phil's ships began to slow as they coasted, Lawrence's ships maintained a steady easy rowing rate.
It would be interesting to see how the lines met, Lawrence's left looked vulnerable to a ram attack but for Phil resting his crews.
As the Marines and archers swarmed on deck, Lawrence turned sharply, with his ships going to board rather than shear (Phil had no vulnerable oars anyway!) In the rules I had allowed marines to board stationary ships in contact without grappling, this was a mistake!
As the archers and slingers peppered each other...
... some of Lawrence's archers were killed, but Lawrence killed a stand of Hoplites!, Lawrence had got his marines on board Phil's left hand ship, but Phil backwatered, leaving them isolated on his upper deck!
Phil moved his free Trireme round Lawrence's flank, cutting down Lawrence's marines in a crossfire.
Phil now closed again and boarded one of Lawrence's ships.
We stopped the game then, with me furiously writing amended rules to add into the next version. Phil and Lawrence had captured a ship each.

As planned, we than had a couple of card games, Lawrence had brought down,
The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin! - and a more amusing game, Braggart.

A worthwhile day all around!