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Saturday 26 January 2019

Kitty Galore!

Today, we returned to What a Tanker, unfortunately I haven't finished my Arab/Israeli models yet so we did WW2 where we have loads ready for action!
It was just Phil and me for the first game, and just my terrain, as Lawrence's wife (and designated driver!) - is sadly not very well.

The battlefield
Our nemesis, a Panther, raced onto the table (run by the solo system

 Phil moved to outflank the Panther.
I moved straight forward... 
...I tried a long range shot... 
...which predictably bounced off the Panther's thick armour.
Unperturbed, the big cat fired back!
...which fortunately missed! 
The Panther completed his move to cover. 
I managed to reach a walled field, and some much needed cover! 
Phil went over 2 hedgerows towards a hill, masking him from the Panther. 
I fired again... 
  ...and managed to damage the Panther's tracks.
Yay for us! 
The Panther continued sending shots down range at me. 
 Phil, instead of going round the hill onto the Panther's flank, moved to the back of the hill waiting for a good die roll to acquire, aim and shoot.
I was still exchanging fire with the Panther. 
I got a lucky shot which made the Panther back up! 
The Panther crew fired an accurate shot... 
 ...which hit the wall I was hiding behind!
My Cromwell backed up in alarm! 
 The Panther followed me up...but his shot missed again.
 I regained my wall and fired.
...but I too, missed! 
 Phil finally arrived at the top of the hill to help...
 He fired!
'Hans, did you hear something?'
Nein, Reiner.
My luck finally ran out as my Cromwell brewed.
 The victorious Panther pivoted to engage Phil on the hill... 
...But Phil was off! 
Sounds of rejoicing filled the Panther! 

The second game.

Phil had a Sherman...
...I had a Sherman... 
 ...and Lawrence had a Sherman!
 I began by racing forward to the walled field my Cromwell had died in.
 The Panther raced forward as before...
The mighty gun roared.... 
 ...my Sherman took a glancing hit!
 I took 2 temporary damage hits.
 Phil was up climbing hills again!
 I sent a shell back at the Panther...
Phil rapidly got to an overwatch position on the flank of the German.  
His Sherman fired! 
 Damaging the Panther's optics
The Panther was looking a bit ropey. 
 I got a good set of command rolls, my first shot damaged his wheels...
 ...more permanent damage.
 My second shot scored another direct hit...
 ...which although not damaging, made the Panther crew bail out!
Revenge at last!

We did a third game too, where our Shermans took on 3 Panzer 3 J's, and we got trashed!
All in all a good day for the Panzerwehr!