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Monday 26 August 2019

X-Wing: Clone wars

Today, I tried out my solo rules for the Clone Wars fighters in a game at home.
I found a few errors I had somehow missed in the charts, but that is the point of playtesting after all! The charts for all the Clone Wars fighters released so far are on our club website at this LINK

I based the game on a Clone Wars episode: Victory on Ryloth, where Wat Tambor orders the destruction of villages on Ryloth. Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano struggle, but succeed in stopping the bombers.

I only have one Hyena, so I used a heavily escorted one with 5 Vulture droids. I had Anakin and used Ahsoka and a V-19 Torrent run by the solo rules.

The battle would be won if I killed the Hyena, or the Seppies killed a Jedi.

Our forces...

 The enemy...

 All my ships kept straight on...
 ...as did the Separatists.
 We quickly got into shooting range...
 ...but at long range no-one got hit!
 As we passed through Ahsoka diced for the same manoeuvre, a Koiogran turn, which put us behind the droids.
 I got a stressed marker, but it was supposed to be worth it... but we missed!
The Clone's V-19 took 3 points of damage - fortunately he had 5.
 We twisted in a confused melee
I damaged a Vulture droid. 
 I got a lucky shot next time against a Vulture which turned in front of me!

Anakin turned off as several other droids were closing on him. Ahsoka and the Clone were still evading the fire of the droids. 
Ahsoka Koiogran turned and destroyed another droid. 
I finally got back into action and co-operated with Ahsoka... 
Ahsoka got him! 

 I turned, Ahsoka Koiogran turned onto the Hyena, which was isolated by its limited maneoeuvre choice.
Ahsoka got a point of damage... 
...I another 3!
That was just enough! 
The Clone had been weaving around, being saved by an evade action marker more than once! 
 I had trouble due to the bright sunlight outside - but when I closed the curtains I wished i had done it before!

 Nice models aren't they!
I think I have the Solo rules right now, and they will be up on our club website as soon as Andy gets round to it!

Saturday 17 August 2019

An outing for the Senators

Today, with no club in August..still! - I felt like another solo game using my Star Wars figures.

I had several scenarios to choose from and almost did one from this episode...

But in the end I made up my own!

Senator Amidala is given information that a Senator (Melana Frump)- from the Separatist alliance wishes to meet her with the aim of restarting peace talks with the Republic, and the meeting will take place at a small village on a neutral moon.
Following a meeting with the Chancellor, Padme agrees to take Bail Organa and a small clone escort along.
As they are boarding, a bored Ahsoka Tano asks to join them, and Padme, of course agrees, (remembering a recent incident involving Aurra Sing!- where Ahsoka saved her life). 

Landing on the moon, the party makes its way towards the meeting place...
Ahsoka: Hold up! - I thought this place was a village, it looks more like a disused mining settlement to me! 
 Indeed, there appears to be a long deserted settlement, apparently deserted. No sign of the emissary, or her escorts! 
Ahsoka: Keep everyone here Rex, while I have a closer look.
Padme: Ahsoka, we need to see if they are safe, if they see a Jedi, they may well stay in cover?! 
Ahsoka: I don't think so, there is something fishy here...come up here and see. 
Padme, Bail , Captain Typho and their escorts were already on their way! 
The sudden clank of metal feet announces the appearance of some Battle Droids.  
 Ahsoka: Hold up Senators...Rex, we have Clankers!
The droids seeing Ahsoka, advance, firing. 
Rex decides to lead the Clones round the hill. Ahsoka idly bats a blaster bolt aside, as she scans the buildings for more droids. 
Padme: Ahsoka, we need to see if Melana is being held prisoner, her life if at risk if Count Dooku knows about this meeting! 
Rex sees Ahsoka run at the Battle Droids and stops to watch the show! 

With the threat apparently silenced, Rex and the Senatorial team move forward. 
Droid 326: Surrender, Republic dog! 
Ahsoka: Are YOU going to stop me?
Droid 326: Ah Hah! 
 Indeed, two Droidikas roll down the street towards Ahsoka.
 Ahsoka: Er, Rex, we have rollers inbound!
The last Battle Droid is swiftly dealt with! 
Hearing the battle, the Senators stay safely in cover. 
 The Clones open fire on the Destroyer Droids.
 The Droidikas focus their attacks on the Jedi.
Two more come down an alley...
...and join in the attack! 
Ahsoka fends off the blaster bolts and attacks the first Droids. 
Rex: Ahsoka, Commando Droids! 
 Ahsoka: I see them, but I have things to do first!
 Ahsoka deals with the other Destroyers with her Lightsaber.
 The Commando Droids shoot at her, but she deflects the fire easily... 
...a deflected bolt damages one of the Droids. 
 Other Droids are destroyed...
 ...as Rex and the Clones join in the fun!
One 'valiant' Droid pushes on through the fire... 
 ...but he doesn't get far!
Another group of Commando Droids enters the fray. 
 Their fire hits the Senatorial group, pinning Captain Typho, the rest head for cover.
Ahsoka leads the Clones forward to engage the new threat. 
 Ahsoka slices one of the Droids...
...then deflect a bolt do destroy another. The Clones hit the rest! 
YET ANOTHER group of Command droids appears... 
Rex: Ahsoka, we probably should retreat from here! 
Ahsoka: Its OK, Rex, but where has Senator Amidala gone? 
Indeed, the Senator has moved round the buildings, outflanking the battle. 
Rex: Keep firing men! 
 The Commando Droids are getting the best of the firefight!
 Padme's flank move only serves to attract more Separatist activity (More 'Portal markers' can see them)
 Ahsoka continues engaging the droids...
...quite successfully!... 
Asajj Ventress: Ah, Skywalker has let you out again has he? 
Ahsoka: Then its a good thing I don't need him, isn't it!
The two join in a fierce Lightsaber battle...matching blow for blow. 
Asajj has not come alone, a phalanx of Battle Droids appers behind her. 
 More worryingly, another group moves towards the Senatorial team.
 The Droids halt a short way from the battle, during a pause, Ahsoka is hot at by a droid but deflects the shot back at the Droid Captain!

Droid 233: Well, that wasn't a good idea, was it?!!
Padme is pinned by the Droid fire, Captain Typho and Senator Organa help her to cover behind a building! 
 They go on the roof and see the Clones have hit the Droids in flank!
The Phalanx awaits their mistress's  victory over the Jedi youngling.
The Clones easily overcome... 
 ...the hapless Battle Droids.
Rex and the Clones let out a sigh of relief...

Rex: Don't stop yet! The Commander probably needs our help!
Ahsoka had won...amazingly luckily...almost every round of the duel, and finally got a 6:1 - which strips 8 Force points from the loser, this left Ventress with only one left. 
 Asajj leapt away, not showing her exhaustion...

 Asajj Ventress: Droids, advance!- finish her!
 Ahsoka is quickly up to her neck in Battle Droids!
 Ventress, recovering her battle-skirt, makes her way to her shuttle.
The Senators join the Clones to check the site for the missing emissarial team. 
 Ahsoka is happily chopping up Battle Droids...
 Rex and the Clones engage some on the periphery.
A familiar sound alerts Ahsoka... 
 Two more Destroyers jockey for a shooting position.
Ahsoka, worried the new arrivals could threaten the clones, decides on a desperate measure! 
 She Force pushes the Destroyers through the remaining Droids and smashes them into a wall!

The rest of the Phalanx is losing against the Clones. 
Ahsoka, now free to act, takes four out from behind. 
 She left the last one to Rex.
 The troops quickly secure the area, and determine it is now unoccupied.
Ahsoka: Senator, it looks like we walked into a trap here!

Padme: Yes Ahsoka, it does look that way...I am SO glad you decided to join us!
Let's return to Coruscant, I am sure An...General Skywalker will be impressed with what you managed today! - as am I

Ahsoka: Thanks Senator, it's all in a day's work for me! 
As ever, the challenge with using a Jedi proved to be deciding when it was best to protect the Clones et al, and when it was safe to fight apart from them.
The solo system made the Clones and Senators act in what I considered not the most...sensible?...way, when they were over 6" away from Ahsoka, at times, which made things...interesting!
All in all an exciting game to play, and we were very lucky not to lose anyone again!