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Saturday, 16 October 2021

Battle of the Hexes

 Today, the last weekend before our club reopens, I had a final solo game at home. I have done a lot of Star Wars games recently, so I decided to have a Stargate game for a change.

On a distant world, a metallic circle spins. A pool of blue light fills the circle out of a chaos of energy.  

A small vehicle appears as though out of thin air.
A minute or so later, four figures follow.
The team signal all's well, and the wormhole closes. 
The team head towards the treeline.
A portal marker can see them, will any hostiles appear?
Nope!...the team splits into two pairs.
Team B halts to survey the buildings the MALP had spotted...
...and to cover Team A as they investigate what looks like a greenhouse.
Unfortunately this brings more Portal Markers in sight...
Four Serpent guards appear on their flank.
Their fire is ineffective.
Team A returns fire.
Team B fires from their covered position.
A Jaffa is wounded and the rest suppressed.
Quickly recovering, the Jaffa press their attack.
Team A now sees another group of Jaffa coming through the settlement.
Simultaneously, another group reinforces the first one.
Team A changes target.
The new arrivals are halted, but take no casualties.
Team B decide to even the odds against them by throwing a grenade.
The last Jaffa from the first group flees.
The following group attack.
Team A take to cover to fight the Jaffa attacking them.
Team B move forward to a tree...
They wound two of the Jaffa and suppress them.
The Jaffa attacking Team A close with them.
A new group of Jaffa reinforce their attack.
One of Team A moves to outflank the attackers.
Two of the Jaffa fall.
Team B are doing well, and kill or wound 3 of the Jaffa facing them.
The Jaffa run.
Amazingly, the two survivors of the ambushed group attack both members of Team A.
One man is wounded...
...The other forced to retreat.
Unable to dislodge any more Portal Markers, more Jaffa arrive.
Team A are fighting for their lives.
Vernon wounds the Jaffa who wounded him!
Team B try to help Team A.
Pearce is left to take on the newest group of Jaffa.
Disaster! The Jaffa facing Team A decide to halt and pour heavy fire in. Sgt Rogers is killed by a single blast and Kelly falls with multiple hits.
To cap it all, even more Jaffa appear to support them.
Pearce throws a grenade which stuns the Jaffa.
Vernon and Pearce take the opportunity to retreat in haste.
The Jaffa regroup.
Vernon covers Pearce as he dials home.
The Jaffa are not pursuing....
...so the surviving SG team members gate home safely...probably to face another kind of 'Fire' !.
Whatever happened to 'We never leave anyone behind' !

Ah well, never mind!

Friday, 8 October 2021

Smash and Grab

 Today, I had my second game using Clone Force 99, 'The Bad Batch' - though today I went pre series back to the Clone Wars, so I could use my Crosshair minis!

The scenario would be a simple one, CF99 was to attack a Communication station where a Tactical Droid had been directing operations against the Republic attack.

Optimally, the information in the droid should be recovered intact for analysis.

My dining room table, again dressed up as an alien world!

The building at the end is our objective.
Unlike other defenders, the Tactical Droid automatically appears on the far side of the building if any clone reaches it, together with a random force of battle droids.
I set up the troops in a position where they would be out of sight...
(I had placed Portal Markers covering all the approaches as normal.)
...My mistake! a '2' marker could just see Hunter!
I would have been ok, as no enemy had spotted previously, until I threw this!
Droid: "Hey, there are some Republic troops over there...Blast them!"
"Roger, Roger!"
The Clones were forced to move, as that is the order I had given them, so they set up in cover behind a hill. Crosshair had the first shot...
"Hey, he just shot 344's head off!- I guess that puts me in charge!?"
A second Droid fell to the rest of the squad.
A '1' on the arrivals die means no droid reinforcements arrived the next turn!
" Ah well, just me then....Charge!"
Crosshair damaged it (Suppression means damage to droids)
Meanwhile, Tech had probed round the hill to dislodge a Marker.
Echo: "Well, Crosshair, are you going to take care of that droid?"
Crosshair: "Wait"
Crosshair squeezed the trigger...
The droid crumpled.
Hunter: "Glad you could finally join us Crosshair- let's move out"
Tech had moved the Portal Marker, so the way was fairly clear.
We moved in the lee of the hill to keep out of sight.
Crossing to the next hill, we couldn't avoid a marker across the road seeing us.
Another poor die roll! -A band of four Battle Droids appeared.
As we moved to engage, another group reinforced them!
Our attack made us visible to more markers, so this turn four Super Battle Droids appeared on a hill.
Crosshair had another shot...
The Heavy Weapons Super Battle Droid was his target...
Again, the rest of the Clones hit another Super Battle Droid, but another group of B2s reinforced them.
We were getting pressured, but the amazing firepower of the Bad Batch was awesome to see!
Hunter and Echo moved in...
...Supported by Crosshair the battle was soon over.
Wrecker: "The battle is over too soon...I want more, give me MORE!"
Droid: " Hmm, lets see if those Super Battle Droids have finished them off yet!"
Droid 2: "Nooooo!"
The Bad Batch moved in for the kill.
It was soon over!
Crosshair took the lead as they approached the target building.
Echo dislodged the last Portal Marker.
I rolled low, so the Tactical Droid only had 3 B1 Battle droids as escort!
Crosshair again took the shot...
Hunter: "Make sure you don't damage the head"
Crosshair: " Hunter, I know what I'm doing!"
The Tactical Droid fell.
The rest of the escort now attacked.
Wrecker was having fun!
Wrecker: "It's over too soon again...Arghhhhh!"
Tech moved to download the Tactical Droids memory.
More Super Battle Droids appeared.
Hunter: "Tech, hurry up, we are out of time!"
Tech: "Almost done.....There!"
Covered by Crosshair the band moved back behind the hill as the Droids advanced.
A further patrol of Battle Droids appeared ahead of them.
Droid: "Aha! -we've got them now!"
The Super Battle Droids were still heading for Clone Force 99's firing position.
Hunter: "Don't slow down, we'll push through these Droids!"
Crosshair got another confirmed kill!
Crossing over the hill, they were completely invisible to their pursuers.
Super Battle Droid: "Hey, where have they gone?"
The Bad Batch still had to pass another Portal Marker.
Ha, another '1', that was lucky!
Wrecker: " Well, that was easy, another successful mission!"
Crosshair gave him a look that could curdle milk!
I had a fun little game again, even though Crosshair's presence is rather more significant than Omega's, and I consequently only had to dice for hits on the batch twice!!!