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Saturday 25 May 2024

What a turnover!

 Today, as Lawrence was back, and we had 4 players, Phil, Rhoderick, Lawrence and myself, we decided to have another AWI game.

Things didn't go to plan from the start! - I was George Washington and had Rhod in his second game as my left wing commander. Phil was General Cornwallis, and had Lawrence as usual being Wilhelm Reichsfreiherr von Innhausen und Knyphausen commanding the Hessians.

Phil rolled for initiative and beat my die rolls convincingly, the advantage of that is I got the right side of the table in this picture, and command of the hills.

The downside was the British got to deploy in both flank sectors, as you can see.

Phil was on the British right with the Grenadiers and Light Infantry, supported by the 17th Light Dragoons and a brigade of normal Infantry on their left.
The British left had the Hessians, Jägers to the left.
Rhoderick on our left had The Marylanders supported by 2nd Canadians, 2nd Continental Light Dragoons and some light infantry.
I took the centre and right, New Jersey Continentals in the centre, and the Virginians on the right supported by Light Infantry and Militia.
I had Washington on the hill near Rhod's position.
The British moved within range of my Artillery...
...I only disordered some Fusiliers.
My Infantry advanced slowly, but I was unable to get my Light Infantry out to face the Feldjägers.
The Feldjägers were advancing past my flank, unopposed.
Rhod managed to get his Marylanders on the hill before the British arrived...he wheeled his second line to try and extend the line as it was being threatened by the British Lights.
Rhod also got his Lights into the wood on our left.
The Grenadiers arrived and got a good volley into the Marylanders.
They held, though their return fire was less effective.
The rest of the British infantry advanced steadily into my centre.
My Artillery was unsuited to deal with the Feldjägers, who were flanking my Virginians.
The British attack on the hill stalled, as they failed to get their lines back in good order.
Rhoderick got his lights deployed tidily!
Unfortunately, the second line of Marylanders refused to advance, even Washington tried, but was rebuffed. The front line had to bend back to prevent the British Light Infantry from charging them in the flank!
My New Jerseys closed, firing at a gun battery deploying to their front, but my fire was ineffective!
My Light Infantry finally moved up, just in time.
The 1st and 5th Maryland now threw back the British attacking them!...
...but Phil's Grenadiers forged up the hill and fired a crashing volley which caused the two regiments there to Rout! (Rhod needed anything but a '1' to survive!) and they streamed back disordering the Delawares and 6th Maryland behind.
My New Jerseys marched forward, received a volley from the 42nd Highlanders and the 5th Foot, and retreated disgracefully, our left and centre were in a shambles!...
...The British right was set to roll up our line...
...and I was not in a position to help!

Obviously, the situation on our left and centre was only going to get worse, so I had Washington signal the retreat. A real disaster! - never mind, we live to fight another day.

We had a day of dreadful dice at critical moments, and Phil rolled...like Phil does!
At least he rolled one '1' where his regiments got driven off the hill!

Saturday 18 May 2024

Two games of AI Tanker!

 Today, poor Lawrence was off unwell, so Phil and myself decided to do a game Lawrence doesn't care for, my Arab Israeli variant of 'What a Tanker'. 

First, I must apologise for the quality of the pics, the sun in the hall messed up my camera settings!!!

The battlefield - not quite Kuneitra!

This battle was set in 1967.
Phil chose a Sho't Meteor (Centurion)...so I had one too, I raced for cover in the village.
Phil moved at a more sedate pace, using a hill as cover.
Opposite him, a Syrian SU-100 moved forward.
Two others advanced to its right, the T-34 leading them didn't get to move!
Big table!
The Syrians all reached cover in the second turn.
The flank SU started edging round the hill.
Phil took cover behind his hill.
I reached the first building, I spotted a Syrian, but missed with my first shot.
We decided to stay in position and await the Syrians.
The first SU got enough movement to get round the hill.
The other Syrians moved forward, apart from a SU-100 which stayed in reserve.
Phil spotted the SU and fired...
7 Hits!!!
The poor SU only got 2 saves...
The Su was toast!
The poor crew didn't get out.
Phil had a single move left, so edged forward looking for more targets.
I was patiently waiting.
The other Syrians were probing forward carefully.
I spotted another SU!
I got 7 hits too!
The SU tried, but only got 4 saves...
The SU exploded, but after most of the crew got out!
We were sat in our positions, neither of us wanted to attack!
The last SU crept over the hill...
A shot from Phil's Sho't ...
...sent him scurrying back into the lee of the hill!
The T-34 pushed round looking for my tank.
I was closer than Phil but no easier to acquire.
The SU commander got his crew back in line and advanced back to the hill.
My Sho't spotted the T-34 and fired...
I only got a Temporary damage on it, I scared the crew!
Phil re-acquired the SU and fired...
...another glancing hit...
...the SU had damage to its running gear.
I got another shot at the T-34...
I, too, hit its running gear!
...but it had still not got over its fright, so now only had 4 command dice!
The SU had a shot...
...but only damaged the building I was behind!
Phil was having trouble hitting the SU.
These Russian vehicles had guns well capable of hurting us!
The T-34 fired at me... but missed.
I fired back...
...and didn't!
Another dead crew. The final SU made a quick exit off table, we couldn't catch him!

The Second game (1948/67?)

The Syrians had 2 T-34s
Phil and I had M50s (Easy 8s with 76mm gun)
The Syrians wasted no time advancing on us.
We responded, Phil trying to get round the Syrian flank.
I went behind a building, looking for targets.
I spotted one!
Close, but no cigar!
Unable to acquire us, both Syrians advanced.
I stayed behind the building, Phil had no movement (probably stalled!)
The T-34s advanced round the big compound.
The other one spotted me and fired.
A clean miss!
I fired back...
...and just kicked up dirt!
The Syrians were both keyed on me.
Phil had finally got moving down the flank.
I got initiative and shot again at the Syrian at the tree...
I got 5 out of 5 damage dice as hits, the Syrian 1 save.
Another dead crew!
The other T-34 saw Phil...
 ...and fired, he only just missed!
Phil was lucky, and got one drive die in his action.
He made it!
I moved as fast as I was able to join Phil.
I got first move next turn and even got a shot at the last T-34, but only got temporary damage on it.
Phil got round the hill and threatened its other flank so it tried to reverse, he got a 2" move!!!
He did get a shot at me, which nearly hit!
I retreated to some bushes...Phil got round the Syrian's rear.
The Syrian didn't want to move, but he could shoot! (He missed again!)
Phil got 2 shots in its rear, a glancing hit causing temporary damage.
The Syrian reversed to get his front to me.
I got a good shot, and caused more Temporary damage...
This was enough! The Syrians baled out and started trudging back to Damascus!