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Sunday 27 December 2020

After Rebels?

Today, I had another Star Wars skirmish game, in this one I imagined a scenario involving Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren during their search for Ezra Bridger (who went missing at the end of Star Wars: Rebels season 4) 

Ahsoka has heard from a local source, that a 'Jedi' prisoner is being held by a band of Bounty hunters in a deserted mine. Obviously, Ezra or not, any Jedi needs rescuing!

Sabine and Ahsoka approach the Mine settlement, keeping to cover...

The Mine, with only a few Portal Markers.
Sabine leads round a low rise...
As they run across a clear area, 2 Portal markers on a walkway can see them!
Fortunately, they are only value '1' markers!
A Die of '3' means the girls go unnoticed!
Their next move means they are back in cover.
They quickly move round this hillock...
...before crossing into the complex.
Some Portal markers (being within 8" of Ahsoka) are moved.
A '3' and a '1', this could mean a contact!
True to form, a large black droid appears from round a corner...
Sabine: 'I think that looks a lot like...'
Ahsoka: ' An old Imperial Probe droid!!!'
Ahsoka deflects a blast while Sabine shoots at it.
The droid is damaged, but not destroyed, neither does it self destruct.
Sabine: 'I think these guys have taken over a lot of old Imperial stuff?!'
Ahsoka: 'It looks like it, doesn't it! --Keep it covered Sabine, I will take care of this just like my former Master showed me!'
Ahsoka acrobatically leaps past the injured droid...
...a single slash from a lightsaber knocks it out...but her move brings more Portal Markers into sight.
A clunking sound is heard from the walkway above...
Ahsoka retreats under the walkway.
4 Sentry droids scan the ruin of the Probe droid, as another droid appears.
The Sentries move towards the hatch down in a neighboring building.
As the second Probe droid advances shooting.
Ahsoka retreats, this amount of fire could even threaten her!
The Sentry droids emerge from the building.
Ahsoka: 'Sabine, keep watch in case some of them come round our flank, don't worry, I will be right by you!'
The Imperial Probe droid rounds the corner in front of Ahsoka...
She leaps through the fire...
...and kills it!
The Sentry droids try next, Sabine ducks back.
Dodging their fire, Ahsoka cuts one droid in two.
The other three round on her...
...her two white lightsabers destroy them in a single strike!
Sabine dislodges another Portal Marker.
The other three are massed round some storage units.
Ahsoka fails to get across their line of sight...
…three Trandoshan bounty hunters appear.
Ahsoka asks if they have any prisoners, and is replied with heavy fire!
As the girls retreat, the lizards move forward!
They run straight into Ahsoka.
One of the Trandoshans is smashed into a wall and falls stunned.
Ahsoka: 'I don't want to hurt you, but I will...stand down!'
Sabine moves round their flank.
Ahsoka tries to take prisoners, but the lizards are having none of it!
One falls, pierced by a white blade.
...as the other is smashed into a wall, more bounty hunters come up in their support.
Sabine runs right into them!
She manages to make one of them duck back, but she is outmatched.
Ahsoka leaps into the new group.
Using force pushes, she disables 2 more.
Sabine had been dueling with the last one, but Ahsoka's arrival...
...ended it!
Having secured the survivors, Ahsoka and Sabine search the complex.
The last Portal Marker is caught by a pincer movement...
...Sabine takes the left...
...and chases it up the side of the building.
Ahsoka is in place to cover any other place it could go to, so it is destroyed.
With the area secured, and no sign of Ezra, or any prisoner, let alone a Jedi, the heroes return to town down the road. 

Sabine: ' Ahsoka, are you sure your source was being honest with you,-- I saw no sign of any hostages or prisoners, did you?'
Ahsoka: 'I think the townsfolk must probably have been having problems with these ruffians, and saw us as a way of solving their difficulties for them!'
Sabine: ' If so, I worry our search might be a long one then!'
The surviving Bounty hunters, bemused, let them go.

 Another fun game, but my experiment with a new arrivals chart and 4 Portal Markers could have been better. Life is a learning curve!