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Saturday 31 August 2013

Border Reiver 2013

At last! - after a month off, the wargaming season begins again with a trip to Gateshead International stadium for Border Reiver 2013, one of our must-see annual shows!
It was good to see most of our club members, and lots of folks from other clubs present!

The show was held in a sports hall, which had yellow lighting, so my apologies for the poor picture quality again!!!!

First, a look down the hall! - I haven't done anything to the first picture just so you can see how yellow the pics came out in that light, it took a lot of effort to get them even to the standard of the following ones!

Oh, the joys of Blogging!!!
 First, a Star Trek game, I loved these Klingon ships!
A bloodbowl game.... 
 ..Lovely stadium!
 Our lads, Tyneside Wargames club, doing 30 years war.
 One of the few games not to look yellow today!!
Frankie and Phil!
 Andy, the nice chap who runs Last Valley, where we get most of the terrain we use in our games! - we spent a lot there again today, he always gives us great value for money! 
 One of his stands.
 Lawrence bought this jetty, its bound to appear sometime on a future post here!
Now some pics of the other stands and games... 
 1st Corps.
Guess who? 
 Most of the new Wings of Glory miniatures.

 A yellow game in yellow light, I hadn't any chance of getting this to look as good as it deserved!
 Lots of plastics on sale..
 ..and books.
Ah, we saw this at Durham! - these titans get everywhere! 

 Lloyd made a belated appearance. Apparently the poor chap hasn't touched a paintbrush in 6 months!
 4-Ground had a lot of stalls selling their (excellent) stuff.
Old Glory had a lot of nice sets of figures, I was sorely tempted! 
Gareth (from our club) and his mum (I know the look like cardboard cut-outs in this pic but it really is them!!!)
 Everyone had something to look at, I think all our clubbies found something to buy today! 

 Pendrakon selling lots of their lovely 10mm figures.
 Some more stalls...

 Dave from our club!
 Ah..Wings of Glory!

Phil meeting some nice folks from Scarborough. 

Phil very kindly offered me a lift back to Newcastle in his lovely sports car! 
 Back north of the river Tyne!
I enjoyed the show and spent quite a lot! - It is always nice to see other club members and all the stalls, I really like looking at figures in the flesh before buying rather than just looking at on-line images!

I look forward to next year! - I just hope the Metro is running next time!