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Saturday 22 June 2019

Return to Japan!

Today, we had a return to Samurai skirmishing, which we have not played for ... several years!
Needless to say, we had a few rediscoveries of individual rules we had forgotten during the day!

To introduce Rhys to the period we did a simple scenario, we would have 3 retinues, marching along the road to a Buddhist shrine, being ambushed by some Ikko-Ikki.

The shrine at Shimaoka, with some worshippers.
The nearby village (My old paper ones) - man, I will have to get some of those lovely Sarissa ones!
A small stream completed the terrain. 
Rhys led our party, he decided to use an Armoured Lord - and start mounted. 
I followed... 
...and Lawrence followed me. 
The Ikko-Ikki had some archers, spearmen and peasants hidden in a wood. 
In the centre, a couple of units of peasants. 
On their right, near the village, the main body of Yama-Bushi, Ashigaru and more peasants (Noumin) .
 A final unit of Sohei were in the woods on the Ikko-Ikki right.
The Ikko-Ikki attack began, with a rapid advance by the Noumin (whoo--scarey!) 
The Ikko-Ikki right moved to face Rhys, at the front of our column. 
Rhys's Samurai tried to get their troops into a line of battle. 
My men did a simple right turn and advanced to face the enemy centre. 
 Lawrence advanced past my wing.
 Rhys's archers failed to injure the armoured Ashigaru attacking him.
My Tippo-men (arquebusiers) wounded a peasant! 
The Ikko-Ikki right seemed...confused...as the bowmen and gunners were passed through by the close combat troops, masking their fire. 
My Ashigaru engaged the peasants facing me and my Naginata men flowed round their rear.  
 The Noumin were cut to pieces and fled.
 Lawrence dealt with the other unit in the same way...
 ...the peasants were mangled in short order...
...the survivors fleeing!
Rhys's bowmen managed to wound one of their assailants!
Some of the Yama-Bushi moved to attack my men in the flank... 
 ...My men retreated to form a line facing them...
My covering arquebusiers shot one of the Sohei.
Rhys was attacked by the first wave of armoured monks.
Rhys's Samurai and Naginata men quickly routed them!
The Ikko-Ikki missile troops continued to cover the rear. 
 The isolated unit of Yama-Bushi filtered through the village to outflank Rhys's men.
On our right, the Monks left moved to the edge of the woods. 
 Lawrence attacked them as they prepared to shoot. 
He managed to overwhelm some Ashigaru spearmen.
 Lawrence's Samurai now turned on the archers...
...outfaced, these soon fled too!
My fire had stopped the Monks attacking me, but another group moved through them.
These too, came under fire and I wounded another Sohei.
Rhys now had to deal with the enemy leader, and his guards. 
The peasants fell easily to Rhys's Ashigaru, but the armoured Bushi began beating Rhys. 
More supporting peasants tried to overwhelm Rhys, but failed. 
Rhys committed his Samurai to the fray, but things were still looking dangerous for him. 
Both sides fought on, neither side giving way!
On my wing, the Yama-Bushi attacked in a line.
I wounded another one of them. Would it be enough? 
 No! - The armoured warrior monks attacked! 
 My unarmoured men were soon losing!
  Now Lawrence saved the day, sending his Ashigaru into the rear of the Yama-Bushi.
Rhys's men were beginning to surround the Ikko-Ikki Lord.
Rhys's Samurai were doing especially well, and routed the last of the Noumin.
The Monk Lord, seeing most of his army dead or fled, and with some of his Sohei wounded, thankfully ceded the day to us. We were lucky to win!!!!