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Saturday 28 September 2019

Les Francais et les Boche

Today, we had a game of What a Tanker, as I had finished some early war French!
Sadly, Phil couldn't be with us as he was not well, but we still had Rhys and Lawrence so we had 3. We wanted to use the French, so the solo system ran the Germans.
The battlefield, a ruined pair of buildings in the centre.
Another view from the side. 
 We chose a Char B1 bis, and two Renault R35's
 The Germans had a Panzer III, and two Panzer 38 (t) s
 Rhys was deployed on our left, in a wood.
 Lawrence was in our centre.
 I was on a hill on our right.
 Opposite me, but behind heavy terrain, was the Panzer III.
 In the centre, my newly painted Panzer 38.
Lawrences Panzer 38 was opposite Rhys. 
The centre Pzkw 38 moved forwards, under cover of a hedge. 
Lawrence moved towards the village. 
My tank refused to move! - and seemed happy to sit in the open! 
The Panzer III moved round the wood to its front, heading for the village. 
Rhys' Char B slowly moved forwards, 
Finally, in turn 2, my little tank left its exposed position on the hill! 
 The Panzer 38 took a chance going across the open...
 ...He wanted to get to the next hedge.
Unfortunately, Lawrence got his Renault into a firing position... 
...he got the magic double 6 to hit... 
 ...got 4 hits out of his 5 dice...
...the poor Panzer was toast, the crew got out though! 
 The Panzer III moved forward using the wreck as cover.
On the far side, the other Panzer 38 moved towards Rhys's Char B. 
The Char, meanwhile, was heading towards a wall. 
The Panzer III got to the village... 
 ...Lawrence was unable to see him.
My Renault raced round the flank. 
 I cut through a hedge in my glorified lawn-mower...
 ...then turned down the road. 
Rhys fired at the Panzer 38.
 The Panzer was untouched, but failed to spot the Frenchman.
 Rhys decided to wait in cover.
The Panzer III moved round the ruined village to engage Lawrence. 
My Renault emerged on its flank, but my shot demolished a wall! 
 The German retreated, to break my acquisition.
 The German had come under fire from Lawrence and myself. 
Lawrence got another enhanced hit, but failed to actually cause damage. 

My fire had damaged the Panzer III's running gear. 
 Lawrence wasn't the only one who could throw 2 6's!!!
 Lawrence, unable to see the Panzer when it withdrew, moved forward.
My Renault rushed behind the Panzer III. 
 I hit, but what did I throw to damage with my pop-gun? 
...the German withdrew again... 
...this put him between the two Renaults. 
 My Renault fired at short range... 
 ...another amazing hit!...
...but it only caused a single command die loss!

The Panzer 38 was still trading shots with the Char B. 
After many misses, Rhys got a near miss!
 Although undamaged, the German crew was very upset!

However, after several shots at the damaged Panzer III... 
I got a final super hit! 
The German crew baled out!
The Panzer 38 withdrew, we had saved France!