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Saturday 29 April 2023

Albatross! - Lovely Albatross!

 Today we had a return to the western front of WW1 in the air with Wings of Glory.

As usual we had the Germans run by my solo rules, I randomly rolled for 3 Albatros DVa's to oppose us

The 3 Albatrosen.

Phillip, Lawrence and I all used Sopwith Camels.
Both sides advanced without much manoeuvering.
I escaped scott free, Phillip took 2 damage, but Lawrence had the best luck, neither Albatros hit and he caused 4 damage on 'Green Tail'.
The Germans carried on unperturbed while the Brits looked in disorder!
Lawrence and I tried to turn onto the German's rear.
The Albatrosses turned to face us but Lawrence AGAIN got 4 damage on 'Green Tail'. 
Phillip had overshot a bit but now turned to rejoin the battle!
Lawrence and I were turning with the 3 Germans, neither side getting a shot.
Phillip was nearly there!
The Germans broke up and we all began looking for targets.
I nearly got another shot on 'Green tail', but I was out of arc...just!
I then turned back to help Lawrence and Phillip.
Phillip was lucky, Stripy Tail' just overshot him.
Phillip got a great deflection shot on Stripy...
 ... another 7 damage!
The Germans were a bit 'all over the place', could we take advantage of their discomfort?...
...apparently not!
Lawrence had a nose to nose fight with 'Green Tail', and jammed his guns.
We all turned to either escape or attack.
I nearly got caught when I turned too sharply, but got away with it.
Lawrence, having cleared his guns looked like he was dealing with all 3 Germans!
Lawrence dodged 'Stripy tail'...
Then came nose to nose with 'Green Tail' again!, and again scored big!
Look at all that damage!
The poor Albatros went down in flames!
We now had a numerical advantage!
I was fencing with 'Black Tail' and Phillip with 'Stripey Tail'.
'Black Tail' rushed at Lawrence and me, throwing us into confusion...
Phillip turned deftly and got a shot at 'Stripy Tail'.
He was in a good position.
He turned inside 'Stripey Tail' and got a great short range volley in...
The 'BANG' card strikes again!
Black Tail wisely now turned for home and escaped!
A good victory for the RFC/RAF!

Saturday 22 April 2023

StuG in the middle with you...

 Today we had a couple of games of 'What a Tanker' at the club, and I took pictures of the first, a shame really as the second was better!

We did our usual Normandy style terrain.

We had 3 Cromwell tanks against 2 StuG IIIs and a Panzer 38(t).
Phil, our commander deployed in the centre behind a hedge.
He rapidly crossed the first hedge.
The little Panzer probed forward opposite him.
It took up an overwatch of the central sector of the game.
Lawrence advanced on Phil's right.
A StuG appeared from the far edge and got a shot...
It damaged his tracks with a damaging hit!
Phil shot back but the shot bounced off the StuG's thick armour.
Lawrence probed forward, trying to support Phil.
The StuG was punishing Phil's hapless Cromwell!
Fortunately no permanent damage...
...but his crew was rattled!
Lawrence had spotted the 38(t) and got a shot.
The Panzer fell back into the wood!
A second StuG now was in position to shoot at Phil too!
Phil had been trying to use his speed to get out of the firing range!
Exit one Cromwell!
The new StuG now reacted to a shell bouncing off his armour...
I had finally got forward and managed to spot him!
Unfortunately, the first StuG got 4 'Move' dice and raced around behind Lawrence...
Lawrence's crew couldn't see him, apparently!
The StuG only needed one shot!
I, of course decided that 'he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day'!

We felt the Cromwells'  had not been able to use their strengths, and the dice had been er... rather cruel. We played again using the same tanks and trashed them!

Honours all round!

(PS: Sorry it wasn't as complete a report as usual, I was tired and forgot to take as many pics as usual!) 😴