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Saturday 24 November 2018

Battleground 2018

Today, we went to the excellent battleground show in Stockton on Tees, I certainly got most of what I went for!

I have done a few pictures to show what was there...!

(More pics are available at Westerhope Wargames club's site and Andy McMaster's site )

First, I ran into Pete and Lawrence from my club!
 Pendraken sponsored this show and did a cracking good job of it!
Vellejo paints anyone? 
I got some vehicle transfers from here, very nice! 
PE2 collectables 
 Daves wargames
 Mythos of Legends
Ainsty castings 

 Grubby Tanks
 Gaming Figures

Baccus 6mm 
Warlord Games 

Crooked Dice 

Four A 


 Some of their gorgeous buildings!
Newline designs 
Dave Thomas, it was good to see them here! 
Loads of lovely... 
 ...plastic goodness!
 Tumbling Dice
Lesley's bits box 

Colonel Bills 

Stafford and District Wargames 'Battle of Blenheim' 

 Some medieval re-enactment folk were there too...
Nice realistic looking weaponry! 
Approx. 13th Century helmets
Eagle figures 
These look very nice in close up! 

Their friendly proprietor! 
I spent...a lot, as usual at Last Valley! 

Andy, mid blink (sorry!) who arrived to sell me some river sections and another field!  

The tank really help sell this piece! 
Ironclad Miniatures 

 Cozzmic cakes with their popular Shoot a cake and eat it!
Now, who were these? 
Ah, good to have these signs!--- Nate Zettle. 
Sunderland games club Malifaux game. 
Wargames in the Dungeon, playing my favourite game! 
What a Tanker, in 15mm. Nice battlefield! 
Generals and Kings Battle of the bulge game. 

Irongate Scenery 

Hoka Hey, I usually get a bit from them, but had spent up! (sigh!) 

Beanie games 
 Leven Miniatures
Dave Lanchester books 

 Rapier Miniatures

 Society of 20th Century wargamers Foreign legion outpost game.
The Tabletop Sale (Bring and Buy) 

(Not sure who these were, but it looked lovely!)
The Battle of Zurich 1799 (Carrying up the Dale) 
 Some nice ECW re-enactor equipment.

Battlefield trust Battle of Piercebridge.  
 Battle of Zyrobulak 1868 (Durham Wargames group)

Midlam Miniatures 
Redcar Ironbeards Wings of Glory WW2 

Yorkshire coast gamers DBN Napoleonics. 
Another friend, Andy McMaster  
As the sign says... 
...The Battle of the Standard 1138. 
 Iacta Alea est  Airwars game.

 Lancaster Cellermen's Napoleon at bay game
 A very British civil war game from Scarborough gamers.

As the sign says... 

Lovely winged hussars! 
Westerhope Wargames club... 
...gets my award for most realistic looking game! 
My own Tyneside Wargames club's excellent... 
...ancient galleys game! 
 Something to do with dice, Western game.
Durham Raiders Napoleon at war 
  Border Reivers lovely looking 'Harbour Attack' game
...and finally, a couple of New York Infantrymen! 

(Sorry if I have missed anyone, or mis-labelled any pics, just E-Mail me at richardbradley5@gmail.com and I will correct them!)

It was a great day out for me, and I would like to thank all the good folk who organised the show, served as Traders, or put on the excellent games!