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Saturday, 10 November 2018

American Armor on the roll!

Today, my last game for a couple of weeks, we did a couple of games of the excellent 'What a Tanker' game by the Too Fat Lardies.
As usual, Lawrence and Phil made up a lovely table to fight on, I provided about half of the pieces, but neither of us remembered the road sections...Ooops!

Never mind, on with the games...

 The terrain.
Our opponent, a solo run Jagdpanther! 
 I had an M-18 Hellcat.
Phil had an M-10... 
 ...as did Lawrence.
 The German raced forward, looking for prey!
I used the great speed of my Hellcat to race into a walled field. 
 Lawrence pushed round the flank while Phil followed a road towards the German position. 
 I got another good move and swerved into a firing position on the Jagdpanther's flank...
...I fired an APC round... 
...which bounced off the German's heavy armour.!
 The Jagdpanther fired a round back...
...which didn't bounce off! - I was lucky, he only damaged my wheels! 
Could have been worse! I would have to get out of its line of fire next move though!!!!
Lawrence had been going round the edge of the table, and now came onto the German's flank, while he was engaging me. 
Lawrence fired his 76mm... 
 4 hits!
The Jagdpanther threw his 11 dice! - but only got one save!
The poor German crew died in the conflagration... 
... as their ammunition exploded.

On to the second game!

Same terrain!
Phil had an M5 Stuart...
 ...in the centre I had an M3 Honey.
Lawrence another M5. 
 Opposite us some Panzer 3J's.

 Phil raced forward to go hull down behind a wall.
 He fired his 37mm at an approaching Panzer...
...and missed! 
One of the Panzers was steadfastly refusing to move from his start position! 
 The other was soon moving to support his friends fighting Phil.
 The Panzer facing Phil moved to take cover behind the wall on the other side of the field.
 Phil stayed put, and fired again...
 ...damaging the Panzer's running gear.
 The next Panzer now arrived...
...Phil was up against it now, for sure! 
 The third Panzer finally began to advance!
 I had moved round to a position overlooking the action- apparently uprooting some trees en route!
I had both Panzers with their  flanks to me!
 Phil's little tank was fending off both Panzer 3's...
 ...and was causing some damage!
 Lawrence decided to move behind the German position, hoping for a flank shot.
 His first shot! - this made his 37mm as good as a 75mm...
 ...it still bounced off though! (sigh!)
 My M3 was having no luck - the crew couldn't get on target with their gun.
 Lawrence had a Panzer in his sights...
 ...and damaged the German's running gear.
 The German tanks kept missing Phil.
 ...but Phil's dicing was better, knocking command dice off the Germans at an alarming rate (for them!)
(A quick overview of positions at this point.) 
 My tank tried to fire, and got the dreaded two 1's, my tank shut down!
 The third Panzer now arrived to face Phil! 
 A 5cm shell hit his hull, at last!
It only alarmed his crew, and didn't cause any real damage, though! 
My tank was still struggling to get the power back on! 
The Germans were still trying to nail Phil's wily M5! 
 He had moved to find cover from one enemy tank by screening it with another!
 Lawrence was going towards the rear of the three German tanks. 
 He got into position with ease. 
 My tank finally got a round off!
 One of the Panzers withdrew a few inches in amazement!
Lawrence got into a rear position, unseen by the 'buttoned up' German tanks... 
 ...who were engrossed in their attempt to kill off Phil's pesky tank!
 The first German tank began to burn as Lawrence hit its engine.
 Lawrence moved quickly into cover behind the burning tank...
 ...another amazing shot brewed up another German!
 The last one made good his escape...!
Lawrence had a good day today, 3 kills!

We all enjoyed our games, so we all won!