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Saturday 31 July 2021

In the woods of New York state

 Today, Phil and I had a small French and Indian war game at our club!

It was..Interesting, and as always looked nice!!!

Todays tabletop! I thought the snow covered trees would look nice and represent areas in cover from mountains after winter.

Phil's lovely village, this is good for WW2 Eastern front too as I remember!
I set up my 20 Rangers on the right...
My officer and his Indian scout.
I had some men...
...in two of the buildings.
Phil had his scout on top off a house.
A lot of his men were inside.
The rest were astride the stream on the left.
Phil, our leader wanted a lot of positions to fall back to.
I made a mix of dummy and real markers for the French, removed a third, and placed the mix randomly on their table edge. This meant we had no real idea of what we were facing, how many, and where they were.
My men immediately spotted two groups of fierce Huron.
Phil's saw a party of Milice.
Immediately Phil's Rangers let off a volley...

A few French were wounded, but it was enough to halt them as they unslung their muskets!
My men fired too...
I only killed one Huron, but the shock stopped the group!
The Milice facing Phil now returned to the attack.
One of Phil's Rangers was disabled by a ball.
A detachment of his Rangers saw the French command group...
The commander was killed, his Indian scout wounded.
I was now facing three groups of enemy warriors, as more Milice joined them.
I looked likely to get overrun!!!
My men had wisely fallen back deeper into cover to reload, so were pretty immune to the Indians musketry.
Phil's Rangers were keeping the Milice unit pinned.
Alternating fire between units kept the French occupied.
Some of Phil's men fired into the flank of the hordes attacking me, as...
...My men stepped forward and fired.
The Milice were hit hard and halted.
I was firing as fast as possible, as when one unit of French halted, another advanced!
two of my men in the house were wounded.
I had been reserving my four men in the small building, but now disclosed them!
One unit of Huron broke and fled!
The other Hurons charged in as I reloaded...
The battle was brief and only slightly in my favour.
Phil's scout had another shot at the French command group...
The Indian scout fell, Magua seemed unconcerned!
As the Indians tried to attack me again my men fired a short range volley.
Once again, my men on their flank joined in.
A few Huron fell...
...another roll of '1' saw them flee!!! Cowards!
The Milice tried to take over the attack.
They fired as they advanced...
...One of my men behind the house was killed.
On Phil's flank too, the Milice were attacking with renewed vigour.
Phil had more men able to bear....
Their brave attack failed as several of their number were killed or wounded.
After a final volley, the French facing me fled as a group...
...as did those facing Phil.
Magua turned and left the field!

The poor French had a terrible run of dice, in truth I should have been overrun!.
Ah, the vagaries of War