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Saturday, 10 July 2021


 Today, with both Rhys and Phil otherwise engaged, I was left doing a solo Star Wars skirmish game at the club, at least there were loads of other gamers in the hall to chat with, and compare games!- which is better than my games during lockdown at home!!!

As this week's 'Bad Batch' was all about Hera's family dealing with the arrival of the Empire, I thought a Star Wars:Rebels game would be appropriate.

The Scenario: The Rebels would be tasked with finding an Imperial droid carrying sensitive data, and returning it to Phoenix squadron.

The table - a random building would contain the droid.

I had to complete the mission within 18 turns or a special Imperial event would occur!
I used the entire rebel cell - I started in cover.
There were Portal markers around the village which would activate Imperial troops, so staying in cover as much as possible is a good idea!
I had to cross some open terrain...
...but made it without any Imps appearing.
I had taken us round the left flank, as it seemed the best covered.
Ezra and I reached the building at a run, the others took cover behind a tree.
We displaced the Portal marker, but only to the next corner!
Ezra moved to move it, Hera watched our rear, which would stop the PM moving behind us.
Ezra led the move to the next building.
A third '1' for arrivals! We were lucky not to have been spotted yet!
Ezra shifted to PMs and the rest of the team moved into cover behind the house.
I led us back round the house...
...but came into view of several PMs!
Our luck ran out! a squad of Stormtroopers challenged us!
CT141: "Hey, they're Rebels, Blast them!"
Ezra and I led the team forward, we couldn't afford to get bogged down in a lengthy firefight!
Good job Bucket heads cant hit the side of a Bantha!
Hera and Sabine got two of them though! - but the fire had attracted Imperial reserves!
Ezra and Zeb piled in and we took them down!
Behind us, even more Stormtroopers appeared.
Their fire at long range was pitiful...
...so they closed in.
I left Zeb to finish off the fight on the hill...
...we went to engage this new threat.
Zeb won!
Sabine killed another trooper, Ezra's stunner pinned another.
I led the Rebels forward again.
Two Stormtroopers attacked me!
More Imps appeared - including a heavy blaster armed trooper.
Our Rebels were too spread out for the Jedi to protect them all...
...Ezra went with Hera to Sabine's aid.
Zeb was now checking a house.
Hera, Sabine, Ezra, and Zeb from the flank, soon beat these too.
I crossed a low hill and met another patrol.
Ezra went to finish off the last Stormtrooper...
I had, meanwhile, attracted another group of Stormtroopers!
The safest course for a Jedi is to attack!
Ezra was having trouble against the trooper...
Sabine: "Come on Ezra, we are on the clock here!"
Ezra finally managed to wound the trooper!
I was keeping the reserves occupied!
Hera and Sabine came to help me.
Chopper went to help Ezra...!
Zeb also came to help, ploughing through the Buckets!
Sabine nailed another with slightly more finesse!
The bucket heads had had enough!
Zeb: " Hey, Kanan, I found that droid!"

Chopper and I went to recover it.
In the distance, two Tie fighters could be seen landing...

Kanan: "Come on Rebels, time to make our escape, if that is who I think it is!"
"Tell me what you see, little friend?"
Seventh Sister: "Well, Fifth Brother, I see we should have followed my instincts and come straight here, doesn't it seem?"
Fifth Brother: "You would question my plans, Seventh Sister?"
"Only when you are wrong...of course, Ha, Ha, Ha!"

Well, that was a fun game, but I am glad it ended in turn 16!

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