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Monday 25 December 2023

A very Happy Christmas!

 Merry Christmas to all my readers!

I hope you all have a very Happy and Peaceful time!...and Happy New Year!

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Saturday 23 December 2023

Oathmark: The second rock's the charm

 Today, we returned for a second try of the excellent Oathmark rules. We tried a fer new things like magic, artillery and Champions, which really ate into our 2000 pt armies. I opted to lose my heavy armoured troops from last game.

Once again, the Dwarves of the Kingdom of Khazadia are facing the Elves. The scenario is the Dwarves have come to protect the Arch of Thumban the Great from occupation by the Elves. Being far from the capital, both forces are lacking Militia, Rangers and the like.

The Elves are heavily outnumbered as normal and will have to use their military prowess to achieve victory.

The Great Arch of Thumban. ( a gift from my friend Phil!)

My Dwarves, Soldiers and a block of Spearmen backed by Archers, 2 level 2 Spellcasters and a Heavy Catapult.
Lawrence deployed his Elves with Soldiers backed by Archers and in his centre, some Human Linebreakers backed by Archers. He had a Champion and a level 4 Spellcaster.
The Elves stood in stately silence.
The Dwarves raised the cry ' Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!'
My Spellcasters cast 'Fleetfoot' on my left hand Soldiers, and 'Gathering of Crows' on the right hand Soldier unit.
Lawrence's Mage cast 'True Flight' on his right wing archers.
The Elvish army advanced.
My Catapult loosed a rock...
...it smashed into the Human Linebreakers, killing 3 of them.
The Gathering of Crows spell saved several Dwarves, but one fell...
...to the Elvish Bowmen.
On the other wing, the Elf Bowmen shot at the unit there...
Unprotected by Magic, three fell.
The Human archers also shot...
My Spellcaster had weaved a spell and the 'Crows' kept the casualties down.
The chief Dwarven Spellcaster failed to weave his Magic!...his Apprentice on the right was doing far better!
As the Wizard fumbled, the Catapult loosed again...
...The Rock took two Elven spearmen down.
The Elf archers shot again...
...The 'Crows' were less effective this time.
Behind them the Archers shot back.
The Linebreakers fell to some fantastic die rolls!
My second big archer unit also shot at them.
Only one fell this time, but still the tough Humans refused to flinch.
My small left hand archer unit now came in range...
...and took three more Elf Soldiers down.
At the end of this turn, only one unit of Dwarves was looking tatty.
Two of the Elf/Human units were reduced.
A new turn, and my Archers continued to pummel the Linebreakers.
The Elvish archers returned with their Magical arrows.
Two more Dwarves fell.
Only my Spearmen seemed immune to the Apprentice's Magic, and they stayed behind the Arch to avoid getting shot at! 
The Elvish Mage cast a spell...
...my central Soldier unit lost its Magical protection!
One of my Champions had joined my Soldiers, just in time to face the charge of the Elven Soldiers with their Champion, both sides fell back 1" as they lost 2 men each.
The Human Archers loosed...
..as did an Elven unit...
...Stripped of their 'Crows', three more Dwarves fell.
My Catapult shot back...
Two of the Archers fell.
More Elven Soldiers charged my Dwarf front line, killing four of my Soldiers, for one of their own!
Amazingly BOTH units faile their tests and became disordered!
My Wizard shot a bolt back at the Elves...
Several Elf Soldiers were immolated in the conflagration!
At the end of another turn, casualties on both sides were heavy...
...but the Elves didn't have the numbers for this kind of attritional battle.
In the centre, both Disordered units failed to re-order.
The Elf Bowmen tried to wipe out my shattered unit.
My left wing bowmen shot at the Elf Soldiers in the centre...
All I got was one.
The Elven Mage cast a spell...
...but his fireball only killed one of my Artillery crewmen.
The Catapult returned fire, and the Rock badly wounded their tormentor!
My lone soldier in the centre unit, who survived the last battle alone, didn't survive this one!...
...The Human Archers had been busy!
My left wing big Archer unit shot...
...and killed two more Elf archers, stripped of their Soldier protection.
As always, they passed their Morale!
Their return shooting was devastating.
My Dwarves were quite 'put out'.
Lawrence moved his left wing Bow unit right...
...And they massacred my archers!
They rolled a 9 and 10, not bothered!!!
My other Archers took another two Elves.
My Spearmen, with their newly granted 'Crow' protection, charged the left hand Elven Bow unit, which fought well. Both sides ended Disordered again!
My Archers took another casualty...
...those pesky Humans again.
The denuded Elven Bow unit shot.
My Archers were all but wiped out!
This meant my Artillery got a clean shot...
The Elven Mage wouldn't get out from under THAT rock!
My small Bow unit still had a target...
The Elven Soldier unit had regained order, and now lost three more of their number.
My last big unit also shot over the heads of my shaken Soldiers.
Even disordered, I think I could take them now!
That was the end of turn 6, and the game ended.
It looked like the Elves were going to get run down...
The Artillery crew relaxed!

Another Dwarven victory, but more importantly, we feel much happier running the rules now!