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Saturday 24 September 2016

Wings of Glory, Wave 9 planes!

Today, we tried a couple of games of WW1 Wings of Glory, trying some of the new plane models just released. These mostly date to Late 1916 and early 1917, so we pitched our games to this time frame.

Our opponents, run by my recently updated solo rules - a Fokker Eindecker leading 2 Albatros CIII 2 seaters.
I flew a Nieuport 11(the red tailed one) - Alex the green Nieuport and Lawrence a DH-2. We started to the rear of the Germans. 
They flew on in neat formation... 
...we broke up to engage as individuals! 
Phil now dropped in... 
 ...so he got another DH-2 to fly! 
To balance the game, I introduced another Fokker. 
 The Germans now broke up to engage us.
 We were starting to get our formation together!
The Germans seemed to be breaking into 2 groups, each with an Albatros and an Eindecker. 
Lawrence's DH-2 moved to engage an Albatros. 
 Phil and I went to fight the rest.
I got the best of a head to head with an Eindecker. 
I jammed my guns as we closed, poor Alex was bracketed between a Fokker and an Albatros!  
We parted, my pilot struggling to clear my guns! 
 Phil got ambushed by an Eindecker!
The new rule in the solo rules now meant the Eindecker facing Alex now Immelmanned onto his tail. 
Alex Immelmanned too and got his own back! Phil got some unwanted attention from an Albatros rear gunner. 
I finally cleared my guns! 
and missed! 
I still tried to tail one of the Eindeckers. 
 Phil was fired at ineffectively by a Fokker and an Albatros rear gunner. 
 Alex came under fire from the other Albatros.
 I was too close to the Eindecker I was chasing to fire.
 Lawrence was going nose to nose with an Albatros.
Alex was fencing with the blue-grey Albatros. 
I jammed my guns again trying to help Alex! 
I tried to keep clear of trouble while I tried to clear them again! (Good job I wasn't flying the Phoenix!) 
 Phil's DH-2 got a hit going nose to nose with an Eindecker.
I would have got a good shot on an Albatros if my guns were working! 
Clear again! I fired on an Eindecker. Alex got shot at by that Albatros! 
Phil helped as I fired at close range at at the beige winged Albatros.
 As I passed, the Albatros rear gunner hit me for 4 damage!
 Alex got a BANG result on the Albatros, take that you #/@*%!
Auf Weidersehn sucker! 
 I got a good hit on an Eindecker.
We now outnumbered the Germans! 
I turned after the Eindecker, but missed. 
 The other Germans were coming to help their friend.
I managed to keep on the Fokker's tail though. 
Alex was fighting the remaining Albatross. 
Curse that 'B' damage deck! 
I turned in front of the other Fokker, and Alex got damaged by the rear gunner on the Albatros. 
Phil jammed his gun while firing at an Eindecker. 
The other Eindecker was evading the rest of us! 
Alex did get a long range shot. 
Phil was gamely engaging 2 German planes. 
The Albatros rear gunner hit Phil, Phil hit the 'Red' Eindecker, and the Eindecker hit me! 
Both the Eindecker and I went down in flames! 
 The remaining Germans now quit the field!...A win for my buddies!

Having time, we then tried an opposed game....

I randomly got a Sopwith 1 1/2 strutter. 
Alex got another. 
Lawrence and Phil got 2 Albatros D2's 
 We approached each other.
Lawrence and I had the same idea, move to engage one enemy plane with 2 of yours!....ah well! 
The Albatrossen got together before I got with Alex. 
We closed warily. 
Unfortunately (for me!) - Lawrence got an effective long range hit on my Sopwith. 
We passed without anyone getting a good shot! 
 Pretty planes, aren't they!
Phil jammed his guns chasing me, but my rear gunner gave as good as he got! 
...another good hit as I moved away. 
My rear gun jammed as I fired at Lawrence. 
The 2 Sopwiths came together, hopefully, we could now focus on just one Albatros. 
I went nose to nose with Phil again! 
He managed to engage Alex, his rear gunner pecked at Lawrence before he was killed!! 
 I was trying to clear Alex's tail.
Lawrence now moved to engage Alex. 
 Alex managed to avoid getting plastered by the twin Spandaus!

Both sides started to pair off again. 
 I got on Lawrence's tail...
...but failed to hit again. 
 I turned with the Albatros. 
..and moved to help Alex. 
Phil Immelmanned and we went nose to nose... 
Oh, no, not again! 
Alex was now left facing an Albatros alone 
 He passed without getting a shot, or being shot!
He turned for the table edge... 
Lawrence was surprised! 
He turned to follow the Sopwith... 
...but was not fast enough! 
A German victory?!

We had a lot of fun playing these games, I definitely like the new planes!