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Sunday 27 July 2014

The Brothers revenge

For the last game before the August club break, we took advantage of Ian's absence to do another Wild West game!
This time, we decided to do a Feud, with a corrupt sheriff and his deputies as the enemy. The scenario being that they had brutally murdered another brother of ours, so the 3 remaining brothers of our family, the Clintons, had decided to seek vengeance....

Lawrence played Nehemiah Clinton,known as 'Ned', the eldest brother. He had his Mexican friend Estoban with him

Phil used Jeremiah (Jed) Clinton,the youngest son, and his buddy Benny.

I used Isaiah Clinton, the middle brother, and our cousin Ronan.

The lovely 'Whitewash City' buildings formed the town of Apache wells. 
 One of the deputies keeping lookout near the town.
Another, newly deputised man stood near the Livery stables. 
 Other deputies held the Sheriffs office.
 The final lookout held 'Bootleg hill'.
 Jed and Benny were first over the dried river bed, eyeing the best way into town.
Ned and Estoban covering them. 
Ronan and I dashed across the arroyo to the livery stable. 
 Jed worked round the livery, only to see the lookout, the 2 men fired simultaneously.
 Both sides continued firing, but apart from the occasional nick, it was the buildings that got hit!
The rest of us couldn't see what was going on! 
That fight kept going! Lead sprayin' everywhere! 
Suddenly. the lookout on Bootleg hill saw Jed, shot, and missed. 
 Estoban had been watching from behind his rock...
...The deputy sank to the ground, head-shot, that was some shot from a pistol! 
That deputy died in the right place!
After a quick reload, Jed advanced on the stubborn lookout. 
 The new deputy fell dead- at last!
 Unseen by us, the Sheriff had run over to the jail from the saloon.
 One of the new deputies apprised him of the situation.
 Ned and Estoban, hearing the firing stop, moved round the livery.
 Ahead of them, Ronan and I edged up the side, round the side of the jail.
Jed and Benny kicked the back door of the jail in and fired. Inside, another new deputy was waitin' 
 Seein' all the shootin' the other lookout also converged on the town. 
 Estoban came round the back of the jail, only to run into the Sheriff!
 The Sheriff fired, winging Estoban...
 Estoban, surprised shot back, and wounded the Sheriff in his non-gun right arm. 
 I came round the side of the jail and fired at a deputy on the sidewalk.
Ned had joined Estoban firing at the Sheriff.  Ned was lucky, a shot from the Sheriff damn near killed him, he was jittery for the rest of the game!
 The other lookout cautiously moved through the store.
 As the Sheriff continued shooting at Ned, Jed and I combined to shoot down one of the new deputies in front of the jail. I was lucky, 2 shots had hit the jail instead of me!
 All sides halted briefly to reload as quick as they could.
 The other new deputy now ran at me, firing.
 The jail took another hit, my bullet blew him away. 
 The lookout across the street had reached the door and shot at me, fortunately, he missed!
 Taking advantage of the distraction, the wounded Sheriff ran to cover behind the bank.
I was the only one with a shot at him, and I missed. 
The Sheriff didn't get far though, as he rounded the corner of the bank, he ran into Jed, who shot him dead at point blank range! 
Covered by fire from inside the jail, Ronan, Ned and I crossed the street to flush out the deputy, who had stopped shooting at us. H was the last of the 3 we were after. 
 The sneaky guy had skedaddled back out of the rear of the building.
 (Phil now remembered, he had brought some dead guys down!!!!)
I saw the guy first, shot at him and he ran across the open. Everyone joined in apparently trying to just wing the guy for fun? 
Ronan, having shot at no one till now, opened up with his rifle... 
...He virtually blew the poor guy's head off! 

That was the end of the game, Vengeance was ours! It was a pretty brutal battle!

Sometimes you really wonder who are the 'Good Guys'!

(Incidentally, the rules used are my own, downloadable from: TWC Downloads - along with many others!)

Saturday 19 July 2014

Russian bear takes on 2-headed Eagle

Today, it was Ian's choice of game to play, so we did WW1 Spearhead, using Russians against Austrians.
Sadly, we have no where near as much terrain for 10mm figures as for 28mm, and we lost the decent roads to players who arrived early at our club.My apologies for the Naff bits of the battlefield!

The battlefield. The Russians would attack an Austrian force holding the right bank of the river. 
Phil, in charge of the Russians, deployed me with 2 regiments on our right, intending to have me cross the river and capture a village on the far bank opposite. I had a battery of 3 75mm guns and a group of engineers in support of my force. 
Phil had a regiment of foot supported by 3 heavy howitzers in the centre. 
 Ian had the Russian left, 2 regiments. He was supported by a battery of guns, and was detailed to demonstrate against the Austrian right.
 My men advanced rapidly on the right, keeping spaced formations to avoid artillery casualties during the advance.
I soon found the Austrians were investing the town and guarding the bridge ahead. 
 The Austrians were in strength opposite Ian too, on our left, under the command of Rod, a welcome new member to our club!
 Ian advanced to the attack, brushing an Austrian cavalry vadette away.
 My men on the right, moved to attack the village via the bridge, supported by my field guns. We were only opposed by small arms...
 ...where were the Austrian guns?
 Ian sent a battalion against his bridge, but took heavy casualties from the Austrians on the hill.
 An overview. Note Lawrence had a force guarding a ford in the centre of the field.
 Phil's guns began to shoot in support of my attack on the bridge.
No casualties, but he kept their heads down! ...continuing fire finally killed these stands!
At Ian's bridge both sides were taking heavy losses... 
...but it was the Russians who broke first. 
 My men, helped by artillery cover, began to attack across the bridge. My first attack was wiped out by the Austrians in the town, however.
 Meanwhile, Lawrence had ordered up his reserves a cavalry division with Dragoons in lead and Uhlans behind.
 The cavalry began to attack down the road, then, the Austrian artillery opened up from a nearby wood. Sneaky Austrians!
 My Russians held though, and the Dragoons were massacred.
Under fire from my infantry and field guns, and Phil's howitzers, the enemy cavalry division fled the field.
 I launched a second, stronger infantry attack on the town. The fight was hard, but this attack failed too. One of my regiments broke and ran.
 With insufficient men left to attack again, the Russians called off the battle.
The Austrians had won!...for today...!