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Saturday 30 April 2022

A Battle of two woods

 Today, Lawrence was the only other player in our game, as Phil and Mick were otherwise engaged!

At least my new old camera is still working, so the picture quality is...better! (I hope you agree!)

As per normal, Lawrence got initiative, so I had to deploy first! - this gave me choice of which side to defend, though Lawrence got a flank sector to deploy in.

The battlefield, the two woods on the flanks would dictate much of the battle tactics.
I deployed in my narrow central sector with my horse behind a line of infantry.
The French deployed beyond my left wing. Those Yellow dice indicate an incompetent brigadier, I only had one to Lawrence's two!
Lawrence started by sending the Austrian Szechényi Hussars forward.
They were supported by 2 regiments of Reichs Kurrasiers.
In his centre, a formation of French infantry with the redoubtable Swiss on their right.
Beyond the right wing horse, regiment Alsace and D'eu were in the woods.
The wood would limit the scope for that cavalry wing. He only got one order through which got the Cuirassiers Du Roi advancing.
On my left, I got my Hussars off supporting the Frei Korps.
The rest of my cavalry on that wing remained inactive!
I left my left wing infantry brigade back, they were in front of the Swiss, and I had no wish to meet them in a hurry!
Most of my infantry advanced. My only chance of victory would be to beat his outflanked left wing infantry before his outflank beat mine!
At least Seydlitz got his wing out from behind my infantry easily!
The French infantry got the worst of the first exchange of fire!
Even a battalion of Swiss was being beaten (My dice were phenomenal, poor Lawrence was having the worst luck!)
The French fired another poor salvo.
My Grenadiers overlapped the French line and the end regiment began to disintegrate.
On the other wing, my Hussars were beaten by Rgt Turpin!
My men fled off table, Turpin crashed through my following Kuirassiers!
Lawrence tried to use a Swiss outflank on my fusiliers, I had brought my second line troops to extend my line to face them. My Heavy gun fired a shot at the Cuirassiers Du Roi who were bearing down on them...
...The shot missed them but demolished a French Gun battery following!
The French infantry was suffering as I closed the range!
The shattered remains of the front line retreated through their second line.
My right wing guns now saw a good target...
The Szechényi Hussars had retreated from Seydlitz's heavy horse, but they were now shot up by my guns.
Lawrence committed a Kuirassier regiment to attack my infantry which had been mauling the French centre, they lost a squadron to their fire and were halted.
My men hit them with another volley!
The few survivors fled.
Lawrence's Alsace regiment fired at my Kuirrasiers and caused loss.
The Swiss continued to attack my brave Fusiliers.
Regiment Turpin was rallied now, but too weak to do any more!
My reserve infantry now engaged the Swiss.
The Swiss shrugged off my attack and hit the Fusiliers.
My Fusiliers, understandably, retreated. Frederick would rally them.
My Kuirassiers, despite having been weakened by Rgt Alsace...still managed to charge the Cuirassiers Du Roi
My Kuirassiers won!
At this point, with my left holding (just!), but my right and centre being victorious, Lawrence threw in the towel. His dice had let him down badly.

It was nice not to have that luck myself this week!!!!

Saturday 16 April 2022

Battle in the mist

 Today, we were supposed to have Mick back for 7 Years war, but he wasn't available, and Phil was off doing Bolt Action with his French!

That left Lawrence and me! - and my camera kept coming up with 'Card Error', so I had to return to the old one. Sorry we are back to odd coloured pictures!

My Prussians (right) were defending again, but the French couldn't deploy in the flank zones either!

I was concerned by the large left wing cavalry force facing my right.
In front of them, the Swiss, the bane of the Prussian army!
The other wing was led by Rgt Alsace, flanked by French infantry in their centre.
The French led off with Rgt Turpin.
Cuirassiers and Chevaux Legeres followed.
The whole French infantry line lumbered forward!
My right wing horse got a single dragoon regiment to deploy out!
I did get two regiments on the hill facing the Swiss.
My left got KR3 moving, flanked by the Frei Korps.
The Swiss began their assault on the hill, I was lucky, most of their fire went high!
The French right took damage... 
...from my gun batteries.
The Swiss were taking heavy casualties attacking my regiments on the hill.
I advanced another regiment in the centre to help protect the flank of the men on the hill.
I also got IR6, the Potsdam Grenadiers out to face the big French cavalry wing.
The French right wing led by one of the two incompetent brigadiers in the French army (we had none!) ...only got the Austrian Hussars moving.
Rgt Alsace destroyed one of my gun batteries and damaged my Grenadiers.
Rgt Turpin tried to slip past IR6...
...the rest of the French horse massed to attack in support of them.
The French hussars bypassed the Grenadiers, but this left them flanked by my Hussars.
They gallantly moved to engage my Dragoons who were still deploying.
My Hussars charged and caught them.
I routed them easily, but during the pursuit, my Hussars ran into the Cuirassiers du Roi!
My brave Hussars were routed, of course.
On the hill, my infantry was more than holding its own against the Swiss.
My centre was doing well too.
The Swiss tried again and again to storm the hill.
They were pinned at the bottom by the Prussian fire.
Regiment Alsace on the French right was also hung up.
On my left, KR3 smashed into Austrian regiment Trautmannsdorf!, having chased off the Austrian Hussars, they broke the Austrian heavies.
Regiment Beyreuth caught KR3 during the pursuit and chased the survivors away.
The Swiss finally got a good volley on my men on the hill, but my men stood their ground.
In the centre, the French infantry were looking shaky.
At this point, the French ceded the battle.
They had taken heavy losses in infantry...and had failed to take the hill, and the French right wing horse was in danger of being overrun, mainly due to their useless commander!

So, a Victory for Prussia - and when I got home, I changed the SD card in my favourite camera, and it works. Just hope it does next week too!