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Saturday, 2 April 2022


 Today, we had a Colonial skirmish games using my old Wargames Factory British and Zulus.

We diced for which of us would command the plucky Brits, and Phil got it! So much for randomness, he had command in almost every game we play!

Lawrence and Phil agreed to let Lawrence command, so #!* THE DICE!

The Zulus deployed across the table, with the Right 'Horn' strongest.

Lawrence left a patrol watching the Zulu left.
Lawrence himself and his section stayed back.
Phil and I were thrown forward on the left to execute a fighting withdrawal to the redoubt.
Phil was on the far left of our line.
I deployed my command astride a knoll.
Timing would be key to prevent us being caught in the open.
That is a lot of Zulus!
The right Horn advanced, and we opened fire.
The first unit was quickly shredded and stopped by our rapid firing.
There were plenty more to take their place.
The second unit to cross the undulating ground was hit too.
...but they and the hidden Zulu units continued their grim advance!
The battlefield was filling with...
...Zulu dead...but they continued attacking.
Our position was looking a little dicey.
That second unit was finally stopped in its tracks by a hail of fire.
More Zulus appeared over the low ridges.
Phil and I fired a final volley and retired behind our ridge.
We would have to judge when to stop and fire, as we would very easily get overrun by the fleetfooted natives if they got too close!....My section took the first British casualty, as a Zulu shot and wounded one of my men!
Phil's men were vulnerable if the Zulus attacked aggressively - but the move was well timed.
Lawrence was hitting a unit in the centre.
...he only slowed them, damned brave these Zulus!
We took the opportunity to run back towards the redoubt while the lead Zulu units licked their wounds.
We stopped our retreat to fire a volley as the Zulus crossed the ridges.
Sadly, Phil found a unit of Zulu riflemen had taken over the lead in the right horns attack.
Phil and I returned fire.
Our patrol had returned as the weak, but still potent Zulu left appeared on our undefended left.
We fell back to the redoubt, I managed to get in position first.
Phil halted outside to fire.
The fire was effective.
Lawrence's men had fallen back, halting to fire.
...before continuing their retreat.
The Zulu marksmen were laying down annoying fire.
Phil lost another man.
In the centre, I was mincing Zulus too.
Phil's men were taking casualties at an alarming rate, he lost an NCO but the rest held their men and kept control.
They fell back to the redoubt.
The Zulu marksmen were taking losses, but advanced.
We all, finally, got into the Redoubt and began to lay a telling fire down on our opponents!
The Zulu left was taking fire from Lawrence's men.
They continued to advance though.
Phil was cutting the enemy riflemen down.
The whole Zulu line halted by fire, they gave up and left!

So, a close run thing, but our fire told.