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Saturday, 9 April 2022

Back in Technicolor!

 Well, after a few weeks (and games) struggling with my new cameras, I gave up and got a second hand version of my old one....!

Today, we had a Seven Years War game planned for Mick to play, but Mick was sadly off seeing a show with his Missus, so Phil, Lawrence and I were the only ones involved.

I had redone the General's counters so there was less chance of getting Incompetents, I wondered how this would work out...

Neither side got much advantage from scouting, so we had to deploy in the centre section of the table only.

Phil joined my Prussians this week and took our left. I had placed Grenadiers there to face the all conquering Swiss!
Lawrence's French deployed like us, in 2 lines with horse behind both wings.
The Prussians got...you guessed it, TWO INCOMPETENT brigadiers, all the rest being only average.
The French got all Average brigadiers, except one Brave, Competent commander, who he placed with the right wing cavalry.
Just as a test, I took a picture with one of the cameras I had been using the last few weeks.

This one is with the 'new' second hand one!

My Right wing cavalry got going straight off, to my delight.

In our centre, we got almost all our front line advancing, though 2 regiments didn't get activated!!!
Phil's cavalry wing only got a single Kuirassier regiment moving.
My cavalry continued to get into line on my right wing.
All my infantry were now on the move, the French had advanced to occupy the hill between us, and I had to use my Frei Korps to extend my line to match.
Phil finally got his whole cavalry wing advancing.
The French were initially very slow getting deployed, only Hussar regiment Turpin and the Cuirassiers du Roi moved out initially.
Facing me, the French got their Austrian Hussars bearing down on my heavy gun battery, supported by Kuirassiers and Dragoons.
My two infantry brigades moved forward to drive the French off the hill.
Disaster! Regiment Alsace volleyed me and a regiment fell back disordered!
Phil's men had attacked the Swiss on Lawrence's right, and had success!
My attack on the hill had better luck against the French.
The French artillery, having deployed, destroyed one of Phil's gun batteries.
The battered French infantry delivered a heavy volley on my attacking Prussians.
Phil's left hand brigade and the Swiss opposite were trading volleys ineffectively, but the French were battering the Prussian fusiliers.
The mighty Frei Korps on my right wing were only disordered by the German regiment opposite.
I was slightly worried the Austrian Hussars would sweep them away...
...so I engaged them with my Prussian Hussars.
The Austrians, of course, beat them, but my men fought bravely.
The survivors of my regiment routed off table in short order!
The Austrians chased after and hit my following Kuirassiers who crushed them easily.
Phil's Fusiliers were driven back, leaving my lone regiment contesting the hill with two open flanks!
Lawrence's right wing horse sent their hussars to attack Phil's remaining gun battery.
The gun fought bravely but the crew were cut down.
Meanwhile Regiment Rienne and the Cuirassiers du Roi advanced on Phil's leading Kuirassier regiment.
As expected, my men contesting the hill were driven off.
Phil's Grenadiers now advanced and a battalion fired into the French Hussars.
Phil's Kuirassiers charged the French cavalry.
My Frei Korps damaged a battalion of Rgt. Alsace!
My Kuirassiers were pursuing the Austrian Hussars.
The Swiss, despite heavy casualties were fighting to overcome Phil's Musketeers.
Meanwhile, Rgt Rienne had a bloody clash with Phil's Kuirassiers.
The victorious French pursued the remnants of Phil's Kuirassiers, and careered into a second regiment!
My Frei Korps were finally routed by a massed volley!
The Swiss Rgt Planta finally got a good volley on Phil's regiment.
These finally retreated through the Grenadiers.
Phil's Grenadiers advanced and shot up the Swiss and swept away the survivors of Hussar Rgt. Turpin!
Regiment Rienne now came to grief, but damaged the second of Phil's regiments of Kuirassiers.
The Prussian Kuirassiers ignominiously retreated, but at least the all conquering Rgt, La Rienne was shot! 

At this point, we had to call it a day. The Prussians had been repulsed in the centre, My cavalry wing was doing ok, but Phil's was severely weakened.

Probably it was a winning draw for the French, though the Prussians probably called it day 1...!!!