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Sunday 24 November 2013

Smoggycon 2013

Yesterday, the club was off as we were all in Middlesbrough attending the last ever Smoggycon show. Don't worry though! - this excellent show is moving to Stockton.
For more info regarding next year, click here: Battleground show 2014
I managed to get a few pictures as I wandered round, and as usual had to spend ages getting the pictures corrected as the yellow sports hall light makes everything look jaundiced!!!

I did not do as aggressive a de-yellowing as last year-my pics lost too much definition, so I hope you don't mind!

On to the pictures.....

I got to the show before most of my club mates, so had a quick recon round the stalls while some were still setting up! 
The show started getting busy soon after the 10:00 start. I quickly dived into Dave Thomas's stand for some Perry Afrika Korps figures.
Middlesbrough gamers paticipation Warmachine/Hordes game. 
Not sure who these are..Gateshead gaming?? 
 There were some typical club games going on in the main hall, apparently an Impetus competition! 
The Brompton bankers lovely game. 
MTFG hobbies (as it says on the sign!) 
Scarborough Wargames society western gunfight game. 
Dashing Dice games pretty 'Witchfinder General' display. 
I picked more stuff at Ainsty castings for a future 'Stargate' scenario I am planning. 
Pendraken, who kindly organised the show, seemed to be attracting a lot of attention!
Their 10mm figures are lovely! 
Davey, from our club, doing his rounds too! 
Durham Wargamers 'Pony wars' game. 
I always stop at the Eagle figures stand for a good drool! 
..and for the Fantasy figure lovers... 
Warbases had some lovely buildings on display. 
 Quite impressive!
Colonel Bills, I always pick up stuff from them at shows! 
Our (Tyneside wargames club) game! 
 The Durham pals re-enactors in 1914 uniforms. Very friendly and helpful chaps!
 Items of kit, slightly battered from being in a trench, apparently!
One of the lads showing the younger audience about Lee Enfields.
He gave a very good demonstration of firing 15 rounds a minute! 
Independent wargames group doing a lovely Italian wars renaissance game! 
 I always have a soft spot for this period!
 The only game to look right in the yellow lighting! - I love that MiL 24.
Redcar Ironbeards doing a WW2 game. 
The Lancaster Cellarmen doing ACW (2nd day of Gettysburg)
Not everyone seemed pleased to have their picture taken!!!  
As the time reached 13:30, things seemed to quieten down.
 A picture of the lights..the camera went off as I was reloading it!
As it was quiet, Ian, Lawrence and I headed for 'The Last Valley' to buy our heavy items before we left. This is where we get the majority of terrain for our games!
As if by magic..the shopkeeper appeared!
Lawrence, Ian and the friendly owner of LV.
Ian got some more ACW fencing. 
I bought some trees and a small stream. 
 I just drooled at the rest of the display!

One nice thing happened, when I met someone who plays my rules! Tyneside Wargames downloads and he seemed to like them!
Its very good to hear the rules I write are appreciated outside my circle of club friends!

Well, That was the show!

We all had a great time, and look forward to the 2014 show in the new venue!

Sunday 17 November 2013

A Zanzibari expedition

We did a colonial skirmish at the club today!

The Premise was an expedition to capture a fort which has been harassing river traffic by firing a cannon at them.

The fort contained a Zanzibari slaver force, and our forces consisted of a company of Her Majesties 24th foot, supported by some local police, with a small gun.
Ian ran the police, armed with muzzle loading percussion cap rifles.
Lawrence ran a platoon of the 24th, and I ran the other half of the company.
I was given command, and decided to send the police down the riverbank to outflank the fort, while the regulars assaulted the fort directly. Our objective was to capture the cannon.

The Zanzibari cannon covering the river
The clear area in front of the fort. 
 Ian's police entered the table following the river.
I led my platoon down the centre of the wooded area. 
Lawrence moved up on my left in column. 
Alerted, the slavers manned the ramparts, they had a mix of weapons, varying from Percussion rifles to trade muskets. The leaders bodyguard had Schneider rifles.
The police advanced with their gun. 
 The regulars advanced slower, to allow the police time to get into position.
The police got first sight of the fort. Too far for a shot though! 
Lawrence weaved through gaps in the woods. 
 My men began to shake out into line.
 The police began to form line.
 As did Lawrence.
 The Slavers spotted the police and opened fire.
 A policeman fell with a minie ball in the chest. 
 A cheer went up from the ramparts! 
 The police began to shoot back.
Their accurate fire wounded two of the enemy riflemen. 
The slavers held their position, and another policeman fell dead.
 The Zanzibaris were winning, and knew it!
 I brought my platoon through the trees to support the police.
Lawrence moved forward on my flank. 
 The police cannon fired canister at the fort.
 One of the fort defenders was blown away.
 I got off a hasty volley from some of my men, but missed!
 Another policeman fell dead.
 We began to get our men shooting together at the fort.
 The Slaver riflemen began to feel our fire. 
 The police moved to take cover on the riverbank, but were still being hit.
 A second unit of rifles had joined in shooting the police.
Our combined fire continued to hit the corner unit of rifles. 
 The riflemen fell back from the rampart in disarray. 
 Lawrences men finally got into position and fired at the front of the fort.
They caused casualties on the musketeers there.
 The Zanzibaris were now taking casualties all along the line. 
 But one of Lawrences men fell dead too. 
 Many of the Zanzibaris had now been forced from the ramparts.
Ian felt confident to continue advancing down the river. 
The corner rifles returned to the ramparts, but Ian and I managed to hit them heavily. 
The survivors fled!
 The remaining slavers tried to hold the wall bravely.
 Lawrences men began to advance on them without orders, despite their officers!
 My men advanced too, firing as we went. 
The regular company began to advance on the fort gate. 
 The advanced half platoon of Lawrences men continued advancing, shooting.
 The musketeers facing them still held on.
 Another redcoat fell to their fire.
 The police formed up with my men. 
 At last, the musketeers facing Lawrences men fled. 
Lawrences men raised a cheer! 
The fort defence depended now on a unit of musketeers covering the gate. The riflemen who had retreated from the rampart stayed down, would they challenge our attack? 
I was at closer range now and my men got a crushing volley in. 
 The remaining gate defenders fled into the fort.
Lawrences men began to clamber up the fort ramparts. 
Victory seemed sure for the Queens men. 
But then! - a sudden volley hit Lawrences men approaching the gate! 
The riflemen had decided to shoot again!  
 Lawrences men held their nerve though...
..and a last volley from Ian, me and Lawrences men scattered the riflemen. 
 With a massed assault on the gate looming...
The Slaver chief slipped away with his few remaining men. 
 The Queens forces entered the fort and proceeded to demolish it, the Zanzibari cannon was captured and destroyed, its remains now lie on the river bed!

This was an exciting game!, at a couple of points we were unsure if we would actually win!

The rules used are my own, and can be downloaded from TWC downloads page - we actually used a newer version with improved solo system. This will be available soon online but can be got till the by E-Mailing me at the address on the blog header!