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Saturday 27 April 2019

The other side of the pond...

Today, after our last game (7 Years War) we went back to America for another French and Indian war skirmish. (Rhys had expressed interest in doing it)

We kept the scenario simple, a french and Indian war party attacking a small settlement held by some local militia. 

The settlement seen from the French start line.
 A better view of the settlement.
 Rhys had some Dunn's Rangers on our right. 
 Next to him I had some militia...
...and some friendly Delaware Indians. 
Then we had Lawrence with more militia, holding a farmstead. 
Finally, on the left, was Phil, with more Rangers.
 The French were represented by hidden markers representing real units and some dummy markers. We removed a certain number of random counters so we had no clear idea how many, or where, the real French were. 
Phil had the best view with 2 Indian scouts on a rooftop. 
Rhys detached  his 2 Indian scouts to probe forwards.
 The French markers advanced steadily towards us.
 Rhys's scouts set up in the edge of some trees...they were able to make our some advancing Frenchmen, but held their fire.
Phil's scouts had more clear ground to see over... 
...and spotted some Hurons probing forward. 
Several other groups joined them. 
 The Rangers fired at the Hurons...
...several were wounded and one killed. 
Lawrence's militia also saw the Hurons...
 ...and fired. 
 Their fire was less effective!
 On Lawrence's right, some of his men saw new enemies round their flank!
 A couple of Frenchmen fell to their fire.
 Rhys's scouts fired at the advancing Compagnie Franche de la Marine troops...
 ...but the French were not hit...only alerted to the Rangers presence.
 Opposite Phil and Lawrence, the Hurons made a massed attack. 
Rhys's scouts retreated ahead of the French, keeping out of sight of them. 
I sent my Militia and Indians off the hill to support Lawrence and Rhys. 
 Phil had his hands full...
...another unit of Hurons were trying to outflank his men! 
The Rangers continued to fire on the advancing Indians. 
 The Hurons were halted by the accurate volleys.
 One of the Rangers was wounded by a return shot.
 With their frontal attack stalled, the flanking Hurons pushed on.
 One of the stalled groups fled the field under yet another Ranger volley.
 On the French left, the denser terrain allowed the French to mass against Rhys.
Oddly, and completely at random, the French and Indian commanders were together and didn't advance, just like real commanders! 
 Rhys opened fire as the Compagnie Franche troops appeared.
 The French took a couple of casualties, but doggedly continued to advance.
 Phil's Indian scouts had been lucky, surviving several near misses, but now they fell back to help against the flanking Hurons.
 These Hurons were very determined to win!
 In the field, the Hurons were doing less well, and began retreating back to cover.
 Lawrence's men had, however, been turfed out of their farmstead by some Compagnie Franchers...
...They fell back to the buildings behind the farmstead.
The flanking Hurons, seeing their centre withdrawing, now halted their attack.
Opposite Rhys, the French were massing for an attack! 
 Rhys's NCO's steadied their men.
I had filtered my militia to face the French attacking Rhys, and opened fire. 
Rhys's line, now with his scouts back, also fired. 
 The French were surprised, and paused.
The combined Rangers and Militiamen were able to concentrate their fire. 
 The flanking Hurons were swept away.
 The last unit in the field now retreated from the wall of fire.
The French pushed forward.
The Compagnie Franche troops now fired on my militia 
One of my farmers was killed.
 I pulled my militia together to shoot back in volleys. 
Seeing our line, the French withdrew from the field. 
The failure of the Huron attack had removed any chance of a French victory!