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Saturday 25 December 2021

Happy Christmas!

Christmas Greetings!

Its that time of year again! - and I wish to send you all a very heartfelt thank you to all my Followers and Readers, you have made all the blogging worthwhile!

I sincerely hope you all have a very happy and peaceful Christmas!

Saturday 11 December 2021

Battling in North Italy!

 Today, we decided (my choice this week) - to do What a Tanker. Poor Lawrence hasn't had a game for nearly 2 years, what with lockdowns and whatever!

We decided to have Shermans against Panzer IIIj's (Using my solo rules)

The table (Its good having access to Lawrence's fields as well as mine!)

...and from the side!
Our opponents - their leader in the corner!
Another Panzer to his right...
...and left.
Phil, in tank 53!
Lawrence was our leader in the opposing corner.
I was on the other flank.
The Germans had the best side of the table.
The German leader (1) raced forwards.
Panzer (2) seemed happy to await our attack...
Panzer (3) also refused to move.
I got a lot of '1's and raced forwards.
Lawrence advanced at a more measured pace.
Lawrence moved into a walled field.
I started trading shots with one of the Germans.
Phil moved round the flank of the Germans.
Panzer (3) was coming onto my flank, but was a long way away.
I hoped to be able to kill this tank before his friends joined him!...
...They were coming!
Lawrence arrived to support me as I started coming under flanking fire.
Panzer (3) was sending a lot of shots at me now, which fortunately bounced off my armour.
Phil had Panzer (3) in his sights, but threw the dreaded double 1, which shut his tank down!
Panzer (3) was getting close to my battle ' field'.
Phil got his tank moving again, and first shot got ANOTHER double 1!
Panzer (3) was still on my flank, so I pulled back again, much to Lawrence's chagrin!
Now it was the turn of the Germans to get double 1!
Panzer (3) had me acquired and fired at me...
...and hit my wheels as I tried to outflank the tank fighting Lawrence.
I would be less active now, and slower!
Lawrence was unable to take advantage of the inactive Germans' inactivity.
Phil moved closer to the seat of action.
Slowed by my damage, I continued to circumnavigate the field.
The 3 Panzers were all in front of Lawrence now!
He was bravely standing his ground as shells exploded around him.
Phil had found a safe place to sit and shoot.
Panzer (3) was still undamaged!
He moved off down the road, and saw me coming round the field.
My luck finally ran out, at least my crew escaped...
Panzer (2) got a good shot at Lawrence, who was still hanging on.
A shell bounced off and exploded next to his Sherman.
He lost 2 temporary damage as his rattled crew tried to get their mojo back.
Lawrence was now only able to return the occasional shot.
Phil was still shooting at targets of opportunity.
Tank (3) now, having toasted my tank, started going round Lawrence's flank.
He got first move next turn, was this time for Lawrence's demise?
The Panzer just threw move! dice, so went round Lawrence's rear, unable to shoot!
Phil had come closer...and fired.
...One of the Panzers facing Lawrence blew up!
Lawrence having got his Command Dice back, now retreated fast.
He needn't have worried, Phil had acquired another target... 
...a second Panzer blew up!
The last Panzer now made a run for the Fatherland!
A weird game! Funny dice, but a good result...if your name is Phil!