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Saturday 28 May 2022

A terrible day of battle

 Today, at our guest players request we returned to Seven Years War at the club. Ian and our guests have been interested in using my new AWI variant of these rules for their own games, so this would be good way of introducing them to the systems used.

The Battlefield with the armies deployed. Paul would command my right, and Darrel Lawrence's left, so they could play each other.

I deployed as best I could in the terrain. The wood meant my left wing horse had to deploy behind my centre!
The French had more open terrain. Once again neither side was outscouted enough to allow their opponent to deploy in the flank sectors.
Paul got all his horse started, but had his regiments a little close to each other.
His Hussars were well in advance though.
I had ordered the Prussian infantry to stay in position and allow the French to attack.
My left wing Cavalry deployed past the wood in columns.
I deployed IR6 and the Frei Korps to extend my line against the Swiss.
Lawrence only got the French Turpin Hussars away in his first turn.
Their infantry stalled.
Darrel got most of his Reichs horse away to face Paul.
I got my Kuirassiers deployed past the wood, the dragoons moved up to support them.
I moved my Light infantry a bit to possibly outflank the Swiss?
Ooh, the French got a Cuirassier regiment away.
Most of their horse stayed orderless at the rear.
Darrel got all his horse advancing, would they get in each other's way?
The Prussian and Austrian Hussars faced off, surely the Austrians had every advantage?
I finally got my cavalry wing sorted, and a Kuirassier regiment advancing.
The French centre was very sluggish still.
Paul got his horse sorted and prepared to attack.
His Dragoons were in position the threaten the French artillery.
The Prussians and Austrians clashed...who would win?
A bloody Austrian victory, of course!
The Prussians fled as fast as their horses allowed.
Never mind boys, we'll have 'em next time!
The Franco-Swiss line had finally advanced.
My artillery only disordered a Battalion of Rgt Diesbach.
The French right was manoeuvering.
The left wing was in a good formation to attack.
The Austrian Hussars were blown, and refused to charge the Prussian Kuirassiers!
My artillery finally got in range to knock some Swiss over!
My Kuirassiers advanced to drive the French lights away.
The rest of my horse stayed in reserve.
The French Hussars bypassed my heavies though, threatening my artillery.
Paul's Kuirassiers advanced to engage the Austrian hussars.
His horse was set up on a broad front.
The Swiss attacked, and mauled one of my Fusilier battalions.
As normal, my men panicked and retreated through the second line!!!
The Swiss rejoiced!!!
On Paul's side, the Alsace and French infantry attacked his Musketeers and Grenadiers.
Paul's Heavy artillery destroyed a French battery.
Paul's Kuirassiers charged the Austrian Hussars.
The last stand of the Hussars fled in rout!
Paul's Kuirassiers followed up into the Reichs Kuirassiers.
Amazingly, the Prussians routed!
The French Hussars were pinned by my Horse and IR6.
Paul brought his second Kuirassier regiment, and his Dragoons forward to help.
IR6 had the Swiss halted and was winning a firefight with them.
The big hole in my line was getting sorted, I was about to advance my fresh Battalions into the void.
Paul was having more bad luck as his infantry was outshot by the French, at least his men stood bravely, as all Prussians should!
The Reichs Cavalry readied themselves to attack. A charge swept Paul's cavalry away so quickly I didn't get pictures!!!
My regiment in the centre was holding its own, just.
My Grenadiers and Artillery was till playing on the Swiss.
Our first line was looking very ropey now.
Only my Musketeer regiment was holding off the French well.
On my wing my Kuirassier regiment failed to charge and were in turn attacked by the Cuirassiers du Roi and Rgt La Reine.
Of course, my regiment was destroyed!
The victorious French pursued into my second regiment of Kuirassiers and demolished them too!
With both wings destroyed (Paul had NO regiments left!) and our infantry centre being blown to pieces, we ceded the day!

Naturally poor dice were to blame for our defeat, but that is the nature of war!

I just hope our guests enjoyed the game too, and choose to use the AWI version for their games!