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Saturday 21 March 2020

Knocking down Ivans.

As we approach a 12 week shutdown of the club, due to the 'Great Plague' we had another go at using my Prussians against the Russians. I had done an extra regiment of regular infantry for the Russians, and a regiment of Corps of Observation musketeers, and Phil opted to cut his horse to use them.

I actually outscouted the Russians! And once again was the attacker.

The battlefield, a simple one with 2 low hills and a wood.
The Russian line, with a larger infantry component than the Prussians, but less horse. 
I was able to deploy in the right flank sector, so posted Rhys with Von Seydlitz on that flank with 2 infantry brigades and a strong Cavalry wing. 
I, too,  had a strong cavalry wing on our left, and 2 more infantry brigades. 
An overview at game start. 
Unfortunately I had 2 incompetent brigadiers, so opted to give one to my cavalry... 
...and one to one of my infantry brigadiers. 
Phil had almost all average brigadiers...though his right wing horse had a brave, incompetent brigadier! 
In the first turn, my average brigadier failed to move at all!!! - the Incompetent moved though!!!
My useless cavalry commander managed to get two Kuirassier regiments advancing. 
Rhys advanced his Hussars and a Kuirassier regiment. 
The Russians advanced their Cuirassiers and Horse Grenadiers to meet them. 
The Russian infantry advanced to occupy a line alongside their hill. 
 Once again, I would have to shift the Russians from a hill!!!
The Russian right wing cavalry moved to engage mine. 
 Fearing Rhys' stronger horse, Phil sent his reserved Grenadier battalions to support that flank.
Rhys' infantry engaged the Corps of Observation, causing casualties on them. 
 The initial Russian return of fire only disordered a Prussian Grenadier battalion.
I finally got my last brigade moving, as Frederick galloped over...I used the second line to match the longer Russian infantry line. 
 My cavalry on the left advanced - though the Dragoons were delayed by poor command and control from their incompetent brigadier!
 As Rhys' Kuirassiers approached the Russian horse, a gun disorganised them.
The Corps of Observation failed to make much impression on the Prussian Grenadiers. 
The right wing Russian horse stayed behind their infantry, avoiding a frontal battle with my Prussian horse. 
The Prussian line on our right continued to kill Russians, who once again stood their ground. 
The Russian foot was once again proving stubbornly brave!
 My infantry (with their incompetent officer) also ripped into the Russians on the hill...
...but the Russian defenders gave as good as they got! 
 My Infantry retreated in disorder through their second line!.
Rhys' Kuirassiers beat the Russian cuirassiers after a fierce and bloody fight. 
They were counter attacked by the second Russian Cuirassier regiment...
...and routed them too!
Pursuing into the Horse grenadiers was a step too far, and the Prussians were destroyed!
One of Rhys' regiments was repulsed in the centre. 
Phil's Corps of observation Grenadiers were still standing, though!  
 On the Prussian left my second line advanced on the Russian gun which had been menacing my horse.
The big Grenadier fight was continuing! ...
...though the Russians continued to fight, and kill brave Prussian Grenadiers! 
Another Corps Grenadier stand fell...and they finally Routed! 
 Rhys had tried to charge the Russian Grenadiers, but were repulsed with loss.
 Another Prussian regiment attacked the hill.
 ...they were quickly destroyed and routed!- the Russian artillery blasted the second regiment.
 The Frei Korps behind decided to retreat off table in horror!
 My Kuirrasiers on the left fought the first Russian Cuirassier unit.
The Russians were defeated and routed! 
 The second line of Russians briefly Routed as the Prussian Kuirassiers pursued...
...but were rallied by the Russian C in C!
My regiment overlapping the hill destroyed the gun there, and attacked the hill from the flank.
My second line infantry frontally attacked the hill...AGAIN!
The Russians held the attack, again, and punished the Prussians.
The Prussians bravely continued to attack.
The Corps of Observation musketeer regiment 5 attacked Rhys's Grenadiers. 
IR6 arrived to support the Grenadiers, and destroyed the gun supporting the Corps of Observation. 
 Regiment number 5 also took losses as the Grenadiers, inspired by the arrival of IR 6, redoubled their attack.
Regiment 5 retreated in disorder. 
Phil had deployed his Grenadiers to support his weak left. 
Amazingly, Corps Musketeers regiment 5 rejoined the attack. 
One of My Grenadier battalions was destroyed, but the other remained. 
 My attack on the flank of the hill was still being resisted strongly.
My Kuirassiers who had driven off the Russian infantry attacked and broke a Dragoon regiment too!
 ...the third decided to leave of its own accord!
My frontal attack on the hill continued... 
...until finally the first Russian regiment broke. 
Meanwhile, IR6 was counter attacked with the Russian Grenadiers. 
 IR6 held, despite taking heavy casualties.
 I had brought my second Kuirassier regiment forward to help, but a Russian Grenadier regiment drove them off with a volley.
A second line of Russian infantry had driven my men back off the hill, much to Frederick's dismay. 
My cavalry on the left were victorious... 
...but this was not enough to salvage victory - the battle ended on a very bloody draw!