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Saturday, 14 March 2020

IS this tank big enough?

Today, we returned to one of our favourite games, 'What a Tanker'. I had been given a die cast model of an IS-2 Soviet heavy tank, so off to the Eastern front we went!
My solo rules would run the powerful Russian tank, while Phil, Lawrence and I had a Panzer IVG each...

The battlefield...
...somewhere in western Russia perhaps?... 
...or perhaps East Prussia? 
Either way, the IS-2 is a powerful enemy!  
I had Panzer 322...
 Phil, our commander had Panzer 141.
 Lawrence took 216.
Phil began driving towards the Stalin... 
Lawrence headed to one of the roads... 
...then headed towards the Dacha's. 
In this game a lot of 1's on D6's, takes you quite a long way in a turn! 
I managed to get my Panzer on top of a low hill. 
The IS steamed forwards on a direct line for Phil's tank. 
 I got to the front of the hill, but couldn't see the enemy.
Phil had gone on another hill, and fired at the Russian...the shot hit!
 The Russian behemoth continued towards the Dachas... 
...completely unharmed! 
Eventually, the Russian crew spotted Phil's tank and fired... 
The first big shell damaged his running gear with a nearly fatal hit!
A second shot, however... 
...Blasted a nearby tree! 
Phil's driver retreated rapidly behind the hill into cover! 
My tank saw an opportunity, and headed for the right flank of the IS-2. 
Lawrence, however, had sneaked up on the Russian's rear! 
The Russian, seeing the danger, retreated, nearly squishing the Panzer like an annoying bug!
 Phil, having recovered his temporary damage, returned to the fight!
He moved to support me, screened from the Russians by the Dacha. 
 I went first this turn, and moved forward rapidly, getting a shot in... 
...my shot hit!  
I actually damaged its running gear! 
Lawrence fired at point blank, and missed! 
 The Russian reversed, trying to bring its 122mm to bear.
Fortunately, the Russian couldn't fire. 
Phil headed for cover round the side of the Dacha. 

Lawrence retreated, bringing its gun to bear on the monster! 
His shot bounced off the heavy side armour, but the IS crew retreated in alarm. 
As Phil and I moved to help, the Russian crew got the range on Lawrence... 
The Russian got 5 hits... 
...Lawrence failed to save any! 
The German crew went for cover in the Dacha, as their tank caught fire!... 
 ...and brewed up!
I got no shooting dice, but a lot of movement ones, so raced round the left of the heavy tank. 

...right onto his rear! 
The Russian tried to escape, my first shot bounced off its rear armour.
 Phil, too, had a shot, which also bounced off the thick frontal armour.
 The Russian, despite it damaged tracks, managed to get up a low hill and pivot to face me.
I got some good drive dice and managed to drive past it again and pivot onto its rear! 
My shot (Double 6 hit) and 7 hits... 
 ...blew the Soviet tank to pieces!
Ah well, The IS-2 was a bit unlucky, and we were very lucky to win!


  1. Great stuff! I just picked up my copy of What a Tanker! and have been prepping a few tanks. Can't wait to get it to the table. Love seeing these after action reports.

    1. Thanks Tom! I am sure, like us you will have loads of fun playing this excellent game.
      As everyone is isolated now, you may find my solo rules and new points system useful? They are free to download from the link at the top of the blog: http://herkybird.tynesidewargames.co.uk/index.html#

    2. Oh wow,thank you! I will check them out. I had seen the Wings of Glory ones but hadn't realized you had others. I will definitely give them a go!

    3. If you want the 'What a Tanker' solo rules they are in the Miscellaneous section: https://herkybird.tynesidewargames.co.uk/misc.html

      I hope you enjoy using them! - Happy gaming!