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Sunday 30 November 2014

Wings of Glory (2)

This was the second game we played yesterday, once again we diced up an equal numbers game in the campaign rules, but now we faced 3 Albatross Dvs and 2 Pfaltz scouts.

The Germans, in a loose V, Pfalzes to the flank.
They forged forward towards the Allied line. 
Ian's SE5a banked off left to face the Pfaltzes. 
My Nieuport 17 banked right to join the others.
We rapidly closed with 2 Albatrosses, who got the better of the exchange, hitting Phil's SE5! 
The other Albatross had banked to join the Pfaltzes, Ian banked off to evade them and rejoin us, the great speed of the SE would help!
Lawrence, flying Eddie Rickenbackers Spad 13 was unable to evade an Albatross, but I got a hit on it from the flank! 
 Ian had slipped past the Albatross, and got a hit on a Pfaltz, but also got the first of several jams on his guns.
 My Nieuport turned after the Albatross while Rickenbacker escaped.
 Ian got into a great shooting position on the second Pfaltz, damn! still jammed!
 I was still tailing the Albatross...
 Rickenbacker's unmanoeuverable Spad rejoined the action.
(an overview of the situation this turn) 
With Ian still jammed, Rickenbacker got a long ranged shot on the Pfaltz that Ian was engaging. 
 I was still tailing that Albatross!
 The Albatross, being faster, managed to shake off my Nieuport! 
(Another overview)
Phil's SE had an indecisive clash, I was still trying to catch up! 
 Ian, now unjammed, got a shot at an Albatross, Rickenbacker was in support. Jimi's Camel was sparring with one of the Pflatzes.
 Rickenbacker gat a hit, while his target hit Jimi's Camel!
 All sides disengaged from the confused melee.
 I was chasing 2 Albatrosses, but the 2 SE's raced past me to engage them.
 Phil's SE got a glancing hit on one of them as they banked off.
The next move I was unable to evade one of them. 
Jimi was following a Pfaltz. 
As I evaded the Albatross, I joined Jimi in a crossfire on the Pflatz. I jammed! 
Lawrence (Rickenbacker) and Ian hit the other Albatross slightly. 
 (Another overview)
 The Albatrosses evaded the pursuing allies well.
..they rejoined the Pfaltzes and turned to face us again. 
 Most of us ended up in a stack!
Jimi managed to close with a Pfaltz. 
He got a good hit... 
And destroyed the scout (sorry about the blurred pic!) 
 We were still milling about in the stack!
 Jimi, after his victory, got a good long shot at a loose Albatross.
 We were STILL milling about!
 As we broke up, my slow Nieuport got a great shot at a Pfaltz as it broke off.
I managed to keep on its tail and pour lead into it. 
Jimi, Lawrence and Ian were hustling another. 
Phil's SE got on the tail of  an Albatross.. 
It turned into his guns. 
..and mine! 
The Albatross, unperturbed, attacked Rickenbacker. 
Ian got into a winning nose to nose with the next Albatross. 
Meanwhile, the other Germans were turning to attack me! 
Ha!, I turned inside the Pfaltz and killed the pilot! 
The rest of the Germans were up against it now, an Albatross picked up a camel. 
 He was lucky to lose so few points!
 I jammed again trying to engage an Albatross.
 I was now surrounded by Germans, I would have to be careful.
 The other Allies were trying to rejoin me.
 Finally arriving - the Spad attacked an Albatross.. 
The Camel and an SE hit the next one. 
 It had been hit before, and blew up!
The Germans had taken 60% losses and dived away to escape, another bloodless victory for the Allies!