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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Wings of Glory (1)

Yesterday, Saturday, we did a couple of campaign games of WW1 WofG, we randomised the scanarios using the campaign system Solo rules and campaign rules

With a lot of the usual club players away in Scotland, we had an addition to our happy band, Jimi (Yes, as in Hendrix!) - and Phil (right), not working for once!

 We started with our aircraft on one side of the table, my Nieuport 17, in the colours of Albert Ball on the left, Lawrence, in a camel with hearts on the wings, next then Phil and Ian, flying SE5a's and Jimi in another camel.
 The Germans, run by the  Solo rules comprised an Albatross and four Fokker DR1's
 Jimi's Camel turned right to outflank the Germans.
Unimpressed, the Germans kept formation, though the Albatrosses greater speed took it in front of their line. 
I engaged 2 Fokkers, and got the better of the exchange! 
 Lawrence Ian and Phil attacked the other wing. 
 ..and took as good as they got.
 A confused melee ensued as all sides turned on each other.
The same happened to me and the two Fokkers! 
 Jimi, realising the battle was elsewhere (!) turned back to join the battle!
 I got on the tail of the Fokkers as Ian moved to support me.
 (An Overview at this point)
 I was following a Fokker and hit it again. 
 On the other side 3 German scouts were mixing it with 3 Allied ones.
 I was lucky to not get hit as the nippy Fokkers turned on me!
 Lawrence got a long shot at another Fokker...BANG!
..good job there are 2 in our double A damage deck! 
 Phil went nose to nose with the Albatross!
 (Another overview)
On my side, we wheeled and turned, getting shots on each other. 
 I unluckily got a hard knock from the Fokker I had been tormenting!
Jimi hit Lothar von Richtofen. 
 Ian was jammed, but my Nieuport hit the Albatross hard!
 The Fokkers were turning into our attacks.
(Another overview) 
We turned to attack each other again. 
Lawrence unluckily got bracketed by several German scouts.  
 More turning and wheeling...
 Ian got a good shot at Werner Voss's triplane.
 Who in turn shot at me, while I got a BANG on the Albatross!
 Jimi engaged the Tripe we had been fighting..
 ..It went down in flames!
With 50% losses, the Germans made their escape! 
It was a good game, we had been lucky that our shooting was always heavier than the Germans  especially mine!. In all, the Germans got slightly less shots on target than we got on them. The Solo system played well, but it can never be quite as good as a real player!

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