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Saturday 26 November 2016

Battleground 2016

Today we had no game, as we all went down to Stockton on Tees for the excellent Battleground show!
I took some pictures....

(PS: Andy has put a post up on his blog - well worth a look: LINK )

First, the Games:
Stafford and District wargamers 10mm Battle of Ramilles.

 Durham wargames clubs Battle of Skalitz from the Austro-Prussian war of 1866. The games all had good signage like this, which helped visitors!

 My clubs game, a 10mm rendering of Hannibal's greatest victory, Cannae.

Border Reivers attractive 'Cross of Iron' game. 
Train on fire! Train on fire! 
Society of 20th century wargamers Riff wars - an interesting way of making mountains!
 Generals and Kings lovely Late WW1 German offensive game 

 Durham Raiders' Spaghetti western game using 'Dead Man's hand'.
 Complete with plastic vegetation! 
 Nate and Vince's Malifaux game!
Product placement? 
Consett tabletop society's Great escape game using WH40k style rules. 

 They were also doing a small X-Wing game!
 Brompton Bankers...
...toytown wars? 
Captain Jack's locker, putting on a Frostgrave game. 
 Perfect game for a cold day! 
Scarborough Wargames club with a Bolt Action game in Egypt?
 Old Guard wargames group Roman civil war game.

 Iacta Alea est, and a Battle of Jutland game. 
Redcar Ironbeards 'Capture the Port' game. 
Why this line of Panzer 4's makes me want to shout 'Exterminate, Exterminate!', I cannot figure?!
 The allies look outnumbered!
Wargames in the Dungeon's 'Find the halfling' game. 

The re-enactors:
Lonestar, with lots of lovely U.S. cavalry kit.

 Chow time!
Vanguard had a splendid display of Early Medieval stuff too!

The Traders:

Colonel Bill's - complete with a zombie child?

 No missing Lesley's Bits box!

Tumbling dice! ---- Photobombed!
 Hasn't the guy in the hi vis seen 'The Exorcist' ???
Lots of lovely little warplanes. 
 Dave Thomas's, a must for me!
Plastics, loads of 'em 
 I got one of these Renedra medieval towers!
 Ainsty castings

 Photobombed again! Couldn't he see I was taking a pic?
It gave the proprietors at Asylum wargaming time to prepare! 
 Er, yeh, Warbases!
 I was very tempted by these MDF buildings!
 Lovely animals, the painted ones are lovely.
 I live the casualty markers, and have a lot!
Studio miniatures. 
... complete with a Zombie wedding party! 
Crooked dice, it was too busy to get close, sorry! 
 Warlord, of course, now the sole owner of Dr Who miniatures.

 ...and lots else!
 Bacchus 6 mm stall with the best sign of the day!

 Gaming figures

 Lots of...figures! 
 Figures in Comfort
 Not sure what this was, but it looked pretty!
 Hawk wargames.
 Northumbria games...
...I usually get something here, but had no ready cash left!
 Pendraken, the main sponsor for this show---Thanks!

 The Bring and Buy.

 Dave Lanchester books, a splendid selection again!

 Crann tara

Games of War 

...Interesting Fantasy line!
Worley books 

Hoka Hey 

Beannie games 

 Waugh games?
 Ironclad Miniatures 

And... where I spent most of my readies...Last Valley! 
Andy didn't have any of the desert terrain I was after today, but I still got loads of trees and river sections.
 Bridge, Tiger tank not included!
 I got several of these tree vignettes. 
 ...and some loose trees! 
Eagle figures 

 And that is all the pics I took! I apologise to the good folks I missed (Midlam, Graham's weurkshoppe, Daruma and Cozzmic cakes, amongst others) - I will try to get you next show!!!

I hope you enjoyed the tour through my eyes, I hope you manage to get to this excellent show in person in November 2017!!!