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Saturday 30 November 2019

Battleground 2019

Today, the club were all at Stockton upon Tees for the annual...and excellent...Battleground show!

As per normal, I will begin with the traders, then the games and re-enactors.
If I have forgotten anyone, my apologies!! - you all did sterling service!

The Traders...

 1525 Miniatures
 Lovely figures as always!
 Part of Dave Thomas (My pics of the main table were blurred, lots of lovely Perry and Gripping Beast Plastics!) 
(this is from last year!)
 Newline Designs
 Dave Lanchester books
Sarissa Precision 
Beautiful models!!! 

Dave's Wargames/ Sleeping Dragon 

Galloping Major, I had hoped to have some cash left to get more of their lovely French and Indian wars figures, but was spent up! 

 Crann Tara

Out of place, I know, this is David from Burgundy, with some repro medieval weapons (Its Phil from our club with the long sword!) 

Phil with a Falchion. 
Jed and Lawrence from our club! 
Crooked Dice 

Warlord Games 

 Jacklex Miniatures

Irongate scenery 
 The friendly proprietors!
Lovely things here! 
I got some stalls for my dark ages village from here! 
Baccus 6mm 

...even Knights have to shop! ..Grubby Tanks!
 Ainsty Castings.

Ironclad miniatures 

 Mighty Lancer games


 Pendraken and Minibits

 Colonel Bill's 
 Lesley's Bits box

 Reiver Castings

Hoka Hey, this pic is from last year as I forgot to take any!
Marching in Colour
Some lovely neoprene cloths, the best I have seen!
Bow and Blade

Beanie games?
I got lots of terrain from Last Valley, and forgot to take any pics (These are from last year too!)

The Games...

Brompton Bankers: Poland 1939 game

Yorkshire Coast Gamers DBN game

 As ever, our friends from Westerhope Wargames club had a lovely display for their 'Little Big Horn' game.
(Yeh, that's me!) --courtesy of The Westerhope gamers!
The link to their show report is HERE

 Border Reivers: Battle of Plum Creek ACW game.
 ...Complete with Union Observation balloon!

 Independent Wargames group ECW game.

A nice game, not sure who it is! 
 Prince Bishops Wargaming group El Cid raiding game.

Battlefields trust, Battle of Guisborough 1643. 
Very detailed terrain, my pic doesn't do it justice! 
Back with re-enactors...Rosa Munda 
 Vanguard, I got to play with the MP38/40 too!
 Rosa Munda again, lovely costume!!!
Well researched too! 

 Some ECW weapons
 The Retreat to the Dniepr, Grimsby Wargames club.

 The battle of Ferozeshah 1845


Stafford and District Indo China game. 
 The Bring and Buy... 

Durham Wargames 'Conquest of Mexico' game 
 Very pretty!

 Jarrovian from TMP, I usually cut his head off in pics, so here is the whole chap!

 Redcar Ironbeards 'Invasion of Leros 1942'

 Complete with naval support! 
 Kings and Generals, Battle of Kursk game.

 Old Guard wargames western desert game.

With even an FT17!!! 
My own club, Tynside Wargames club's Operation Barbarossa game. 

 Something to do with dice, 'Tomb of Blood' game. 

 'That werewolf got my sandwich!'
 Cozzmic Cakes. 
Shoot you Titan, grab a cake, always fun (and calorific!) 

Back to the Medievals, they had got dressed up and looked excellent!

Other re-enactors were present too. 

So, that was the show for another year! I really like this show and would like to thank all the organisers and participants for another brilliant show!