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Saturday, 2 November 2019

Vsst! - Russian front!

Today, we all got whisked off to the Russian front in our What a Tanker day!
We actually did a western front game too, late on, but I only took pics of the first two!
First, it seems we are not the only ones doing Eastern front...this picture was posted by Andy Terry to the 'What a Tanker' Face Book page!

The first game...

Rhys wanted a Panther to run, so got this Ausf G!
Lawrence ran a BT-7, while Phil and I had T-34's. 
The battlefield for today, mostly mine, for once! 
 We had a 'corners' layout, Rhys put his big cat out.
Phil was on our left, Lawrence in the corner, and me on the right. 
Lawrence moved first, out of sight! 
 ..Ah, there he is beneath the trees! With an armour of 2, its good to hide!
 I raced down to outflank the Panther.
 The Panther raced forward toward the table centre.
He didn't get to cover this move. 
 Phil charged down the left, outflanking the Panther on the other side to me.
 Seeing the Panther's advance, I hastened to get as much terrain between my T-34 and it!
 The BT-7 kept on down the road...risky?
 Phil was racing down his flank, screened by the BT!
 The Panther drove across a hedge onto the road.
(The relative positions at this point.) 
 The Panther got a shooting selection of command dice...
 ...and his first shot got a hit (12 gives 2 extra damage dice to the hit!)
He only caused 2 damage! out of 11 dice!
The BT threw 2 armour dice and got 2!, which forced him to retreat 1"! 
 We surmised the shot went straight through the tin-can armour!
 The Panther's next shot missed!
 My tank, seeing the Panther engaging the BT, moved round towards its rear.
 Phil continued past the Panther's position. 
 Lawrence reached the relative cover of some fields.
 My T-34 was making heavy going of getting behind the Panther!
The Panther turned into a field towards the BT. 
The BT turned to go past the Panther. 
Phil got round the flank of the Panther... 
...and fired a shot... 
A great hit! (5 Damage - poor Rhys only got 2 saves on his 9 armour!)
 The Panther brewed, killing all the crew.

The Second game...

Lawrence had a T-34 this time...as did Rhys.
I ran the BT-7... 
 ...Phil used the Panther...could he regain the honour of the Panzerwaffe?
Phil wasted no time racing down the flank of the Russians. 
 Rhys moved out of the way of the advancing Panther, turning right toward the road.
 Lawrence moved down the road, to outflank the German.
 My BT in the centre headed towards the Panther's left flank.
The Panther managed to acquire Rhys' tank. 
 He reached the corner of the field and fired...
...Poor Rhys got another tank shot from under him! 
 The Panther continued towards Lawrence.
 Lawrence turned to face the threat!
My little BT spotted the flank of the panther... 
...but missed! 
I don't think the Panther even noticed!
 Lawrence got 3 shots in his next turn!
None of them hit!
The German driver was worried enough to drive backwards 5" though! 
Phil quickly moved back to the cover of the hedge though... 
Hmm, shoot at the T-34 or the BT? 
Decision made!
The big shell smashed into Lawrence's tank... 
...which exploded as the ammunition detonated! 
Naturally, my BT-7 decided to report back to headquarters!