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Saturday 16 November 2019

All my own work!

Today, we did 7 Years war again, this time my Prussians were facing my Russians, which I have lent to Phil for our (hopefully) upcoming campaign.

I actually outmaneuvered Phil's Russians, but his greater number of light Cavalry nullified that advantage, so i failed to deploy in the flank sectors! 

The randomised battlefield, the deployment areas marked by dice.
Phil had a large cavalry wing behind a grenadier brigade on his right... 
...and another behind a double line of infantry in his centre. 
 His left was composed of infantry and a Heavy gun.
My left was Kuirrasiers and Dragoons behind a double line of infantry. 
Lawrence, my co-player, had a similar force on our right. 
In the first turn, I only managed to get one Kuirassier regiment moving towards the flank. 
My infantry advanced and my artillery deployed out. 
Lawrence only got Hussar regiment 1 moving down the flank. 
The rest of his horse failed to move too!, our infantry was all moving though. 
 The Russian heavy gun opposite me opened up...
...disordering a Grenadier battalion, but nothing more. 
Phil got almost all his cavalry moving with good die rolling! 
Only his Hussars were left behind, while his infantry moved to take a defensive position on a large low hill. 
His left being anchored on a steep hill, his infantry moved towards Lawrence's wing. 
My cavalry wing belatedly woke up, and moved to support the lone Kuirassier regiment in the front. 
 My Grenadiers moved to engage their Russian counterparts.
Lawrence's infantry were slowed by the woods. 
Lawrence, too, finally got his heavy horse moving. 
 As my infantry closed, the Russian heavy guns fired again...
...and mauled one of my Grenadier battalions. 
 Phil had by now formed a long line of infantry, to close down his left wing.
His cavalry reserve remained quiescent. 
The Russians on the hill were being pestered by Lawrence's Frei Korps. 
My infantry had reached the Russian lines and damaged the defenders with a solid volley. 
My Grenadiers failed to hit anything again, like in most of my games! 
Lawrence got a Fusilier regiment through the wood.
He also flung his Prussian Hussars on a wide outflanking move. 
Lawrence's fusiliers  took a battering from the Russian artillery.
 Frei-Infanterie von Mayr was hit with a volley...
...which scattered them in rout! 
The Russian line on the hill returned fire on my men, causing more damage than my men had! 
 I fired again, but only caused a little disorder.
 My men closed, and were shredded by the stalwart Russian foot!
 The survivors disgracefully fled!- their brigadier struggled to rally them.
My second line replaced them, supported by Frederick!
 My cavalry advanced on the Russian horse. 
 My guns fired at the Russian horsemen.  
They managed to disorder the Horse Grenadiers. 
 My Grenadiers finally started to hit the Russian Grenadiers.
My men took heavy casualties in return though! 
My brigadier failed to rally my routing infantry, so returned to his second line troops. 
 My Prussian Kuirassiers charged into a Russian Cuirassier regiment...
 Amazingly, the Russians matched my men, and my elite Kuirassiers broke off and retreated!!!
His blown Cuirassiers pursued my beaten men, but didn't manage to re-engage them.
The second Russian Cuirassier regiment moved to support them.
The Russians had reinforced their Grenadier line.
 Both sides were taking appalling losses... 
... but held. 
Lawrence's Hussars reached the steep hill on the Russian left...
 ...and swept past the Russian flank infantry.
 His Heavy cavalry moved to follow them.
 Lawrence's Fusiliers were still struggling to make headway.
 My Grenadiers began to lose heavily, how long would they hold on? 
 The Russian infantry on that damned hill were getting shredded too, but held their line bravely!
Lawrence's cavalry were turning the Russian flank, who turned and faced them. 
 More Russians on the hill fell, and still they held!!!
 My Grenadiers got a final good volley which destroyed a battalion of Russian Grenadiers...
 ...but Lawrence's Fusiliers fell back from their attack...
...My infantry attacking the hill were crushed by a massive volley... 
 ...The Russian artillery smashed my flank battalion.
The Grenadiers were mutually destroyed. 
With my left in tatters, and our infantry in retreat, the Prussians ceded the day.

I think the dice killed us, still, all our men get up and the end of a game, and are ready to face the Russians again, Valhalla-like!

We all enjoyed the game, and that is the joy of our hobby!


  1. Lovely figures! What rules were used?

    1. Thanks Gonsalvo! The rules are my own, freely available on our club website... http://herkybird.tynesidewargames.co.uk/syw.html

  2. Great report! Splendid lines of battle and beautiful uniforms!

    1. Cheers! I only hope my AWI armies look as nice on the table when I finish them!