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Saturday 30 March 2024

Having a Ball part 2...and some more

 Today we returned to the air above Flanders in WW1 to complete our Balloon busting game.

As it is, we had time for 3 games...

The first game...

Our scenario was our 2 DH-2s escorting my Nieuport 16 trying to torch a German Balloon, defended by Archie and 2 Halberstadt D3s. We had 12 turns to get the Balloon before it could be winched down.

I had Le Prieur rockets on my Nieuport.
The Halberstadts advanced to meet us...
...Phil swung out left to try and outflank them...
... I just went straight for the Balloon!
Lawrence crossed bases with the left hand German, so neither got a shot.
Phil was wide, but kept the other German off my neck while I attacked.
Lawrence wheeled to chase his Halberstadt.
I shot my Rockets
Lawrence was harrying his Halberstadt.
One of my Rockets hit! - starting a small fire!
I kept straight ahead as I only just avoided attracting Archie from the trenches.
Lawrence was lucky, his first shot got a 'Bang' card...
The poor Halberstadt plunged to earth.
The fire on the Balloon spread...
Phil was chasing the other Halberstadt, but it was as fast as him.
Lawrence was coming from the other side though.
I got past the Balloon...
...and 'Immelmanned' to return to the front.
The Halberstadt tried to cut between the 2 DH's.
As he turned, Phil managed to catch up a little.
The Balloon was still only burning slowly, I decided to try and help stoke the flames.
The Halberstadt was evading the DH sandwich.
Lawrence decided to leave the Halberstadt and make a run on the Balloon.
I Immelmanned and fired, but Lawrence got the second 'Bang' card in my double 'B' deck...sigh!
Phil was keeping the Halberstadt occupied.
What comes up, must come down!

The second game...

This time, we flew Nieuport 28s.

We were faced by 3 Fokker DVIIs
I lost out in a frontal fight with the Yellow Fokker.
Lawrence managed to avoid the Fokker he was facing.
Phil, out on the flank, now turned after the Yellow Fokker.
I Immelmanned, but Phil was close enough for a good shot.
The Fokker turned sharply to avoid him and his next shot missed.
I wondered if I could help Phil before the other 2 Fokkers returned.
Phil decided to go meet them anyway, leaving Yellow to me.
The other Fokkers were sorting themselves out.
Lawrence Immelmanned to engage them.
The Fokkers split to engage him.
The Yellow Fokker was managing to stay far away!
Lawrence turned to attack 'Pink tail', but got caught by Goering's White plane. Different deck ('A') - same result, another 'Bang' card!
That is three for Lawrence!
Yellow was turning to re-engage.
I jammed my guns, Phil lost out nose to nose with the Fokker.
(Phil hasn't vanished, his plane is under the Fokker!)
Lawrence evaded Goering and headed to join us.
He immediately drew the second 'Bang' card from my double 'A' deck!
Being the only one left, Goering flew off (He obviously didn't know there are only 2 Bang cards in the deck!)

The Third game...

We reran the same game (after each of us had shuffled the 'A' deck

Lawrence and 'Yellow' avoided a head on clash.
I lost out big time against Goering, Phil got a good hit on 'Pink tail'.
Lawrence turned after 'Yellow'...
...and Phil after 'Pink'.
I was out of position, I had picked a straight instead of an Immelmann card!
New turn, Immelmann!
Phil stalked 'Pink' as it turned.
Lawrence was engaging the other two Fokkers while I caught up.
Phil passed the Fokker without getting a shot...
...as I did with 'Yellow'.
Phil was leaving 'Pink' behind.
I turned and avoided the attack by Goering.
Phil headed to join us as 'Pink tail' turned the wrong way to interdict him.
Lawrence Immelmanned and caught Goering.
Phil turned to meet 'Yellow'.
...but 'Yellow' cut inside his attack and wrecked the Nieuport!
As I tried to unjam my guns, Goering escaped. 
'Pink' turned to join Goering.
Lawrence and I moved to reengage him.
Phil was keeping clear of any more fire.
Where was Goering going?
Phil was still paralleling 'Yellow'.
Lawrence turned after Goering, but Goering turned too and shot Lawrence's Nieuport up.
Phil turned behind 'Yellow' as 'Pink' came up behind him. 
Lawrence turned behind Goering.
I arrived behind 'Pink'.
The side separated...
...even Goering and Lawrence.
Phil turned sharp to engage 'Yellow', who turned too, and both caused heavy damage on the other.
I turned after 'Pink'.
Lawrence and Goering were circling.
After their clash, Phil and 'Yellow' parted.
I evaded 'Pink's' attack, just.
Goering stopped circling.
The sides parted again.
Lawrence turned to stalk Goering.
I turned to engage 'Pink'
Goering began to turn back.
I passed 'Pink' without getting a shot.
Phil apparently had only 1 damage point left, so left the table.
I turned after 'Yellow', but missed.
Lawrence was keeping the other two Fokkers occupied...
...avoiding a sandwich...
...but could he avoid Goering?
'Yellow' got behind me.
Goering hit Lawrence hard, damaging his engine.
'Pink' was making a leisurely turn after Goering. 
Goering stayed on Lawrence's tail, causing more damage.
'Pink' was returning to the fray.
I finally got to Lawrence, and shot Goering, but my guns jammed again!
'Pink' was coming!
I was fencing with Goering, but where was Lawrence?
I turned after Goering.
Lawrence was slowly making his way to the table edge!
I engaged 'Pink' once my guns cleared, but we didn't damage each other!
Lawrence was nearly safe.
I passed Goering, once again without shooting.
Yellow moved to intercept me.
Alone, I evaded 'Yellow' and raced after Lawrence to make my escape!
Lawrence left as he had only a few points left, and a damaged engine.

So, an Entente defeat, but at least this game there wasn't a 'Bang' card in sight!