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Saturday 23 March 2024

Upon my Oath (mark)

 Today, we returned to Oathmark, but as our pal Phil is down with a bad cold, it was just Lawrence, Rhoderick and myself playing.

I used 3000 pts of Dwarves and had to fight the others with a mix of Dark Elves, Elves and Dwarves (Traitors!)

We diced up a river crossing, but as no-one had a river we rediced and got the Oathmarks scenario again!

The table for today

I deployed Border Guard, Militia and Spears on my left, and a Heavy Catapult (my preferred anti Giant weapon)
In the centre, more Militia and Soldiers (and my 2 Spellcasters)
On my right, Archers and more Spearmen.
By the central Oathmark I deployed a block of Soldiers and more Archers.
Rod had an esoteric bunch of 'Dark Elves' Archers and Rangers on the right, Warriors in the centre and a Spellcaster.
Lawrence on his left had his Wulvers supporting some newly painted Rangers.
He also had a unit of Elven Spearmen and some Dwarven Linebreakers and Warriors.
Rhods Archers advanced and shot...
3 of my Dwarven Axemen fell.
The Rangers also advanced and shot...
...another three Axes fell.
Tough, those Dwarves, their supporting archers shot back...
...(Its hard to see in the riot of colour,)-- but we shot 3 Elven Warriors.
At the end of turn one, my Apprentice had laid smoke screening off the Elven Rangers...
...my army was advancing steadily.
The Dark Elves had a Disordered unit.
Lawrence seemed...reticent in his advance. One remembers the Elves were supposed to be trying to destroy my 3 Oathmarks!
My Archers shot another 3 Dark Elf Warriors.
The Dark Elves killed one of my Archers!
My Mage had given the catapult Explosive Ammunition...
It Exploded! leaving only 2 Warriors (including their Champion)
Shaken, they withdrew!
The Elven Spellcaster used a fireball on my Archers, killing a further three.
My Dwarves were unperturbed, I didn't fail a single morale check all game!
My Archers shot back but only killed a single Dwarven Linebreaker (he was protected by 'Gathering of Crows' cast by the enemy's Dwarven Spellcaster!
My Axemen lost their shields to a 'Sunder' spell, and my Spellcaster was out of sight of him to send magical protection!!!
The Elven Rangers bypassed my Smoke and shot a single Dwarven Spearman.
My Axemen charged the Dwarven Linebreakers, and drew! (One loss each), so we both recoiled 1" back.
My Border Guard had come through the woods on my left...
...and wiped out the Champion's unit.
At this point, the Elves gave up, there was no way they were going to get through my Dwarven Phalanx!
I have redone the points for Oathmark (using the same algorithm as I used for 'What a Tanker')  and changed the Spell Casting numbers to make them...fairer.

I hope we can try them out next game and see what effect they have on the game!!!

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