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Saturday 2 March 2024

Having a Ball!

 Today, we had another game of Wings of Glory WW1, as I had an opticians appt in the afternoon and didn't want to be too heavily laden!!!!

I had just been watching a YouTube documentary on Albert Ball VC and got his Nieuport 16 as a model.

I set the scenario as one where Albert is in his beloved Nieuport with Le Prieur rockets, escorted by 2 old DH-2's, is off to down a German Observation Balloon when they are intercepted by Oswald Boelke and his erstwhile apprentice, Manfred von Richtofen.

The opposition, 2 Albatros DIIIs (Richtofen and Boelke) - run by my Solo system.
Our planes, 2 DH-2s run by Lawrence and Phil, with my Nieuport in the centre.
The Boche deployed with Boelke in the lead.
We advanced as fast as our' flying Lawnmowers' would allow!
I turned right thinking I would escape being caught by Richtofen...
...I was right, Lawrence's DH had turned in to get on Boelke's tail.
As Richtofen turned after me, Phil's DH turned to try and get on his tail.
Boelke turned to shake Lawrence off.
Phil got a light damage on Richtofen at long range.
I 'Immelmanned' and hit him too! (pity the solo run planes don't take non- lethal damage results!)
Lawrence had left chasing the faster Albatros, and came to join Phil.
Their planes neatly sideslipped past each other!
I was left turning after Richtofen...
Boelke was far out, and started to turn back.
Richtofen was trying to get on my tail.
I 'Immelmanned' again and got a great hit!
Phil turned back to engage Boelke.
Amazingly, his single Lewis gun outshot Boelke's twin Spandaus!
Richtofen had slipped out as Lawrence and myself tried to trap him.
We ended up with our planes on each other's bases!
The 2 Albatrosses were co-operating again. 
I was just trying to swat off the over friendly DH-2!

Richtofen 'Immelmanned' me and caused light damage to my flimsy kite, but Lawrence was able to hit the German, again outshooting the twin guns of the Albatros!
Boelke was outrunning his pursuer... 
Again, the DH-2 tried to leave Boelke to join the main action!
...and again, Boelke turned back to pursue!
I was still turning with Richtofen...
...but the German 'Immelmanned' and crippled Phil's DH!
I was getting worried in case I got hit as badly!
Boelke was on the long trail back.
Richtofen moved to join up with him.
We began to turn to engage the Albatrosses.
The Albatrosses turned to engage us!
Phil failed to hit Boelke after a well timed Immelmann.
Lawrence and I were again after Richtofen.
Richtofen had other ideas!
As the Brits turned to attack, Richtofen turned away to evade us.
I chased Richtofen, the DH's went after Boelke.
Boelke was keen to re-engage.
He passed one DH easily.
I was chasing a distant Richtofen.
The DH turned to try and chase Boelke.
Fearing an Immelmann from Richtofen, I turned off...
Phil, following me, wasn't so lucky!
Lawrence was still trying to keep Boelke busy.
I got a great position by Immelmanning but Phil was in the way!!!
Lawrence was still circling...
...we had passed Richtofen.
Lawrence tried to catch the wily Boelke without success.
I was unsure how to get on the tail of Richtofen, I was badly out of position.
Lawrence got a shot at Boelke, but missed.
Boelke Immelmanned and missed too!
I turned to try and meet the Albatros, face to face if need be!
The German would be a hard foe to face!
I turned and got a lucky point on him, just out of his arc of fire!
Phil moved (slowly, due to engine damage) to help Lawrence.
Boelke again missed Lawrence.
I turned again to try and parallel Richtofen. 
Phil didn't get a shooting solution with Boelke.
Richtofen, apparently unaware of my Nieuport continued his course.
Boelke was keeping the 2 DH's busy.
I turned after Richtofen.
Richtofen saw me, and turned sharply!
Phil finally got a good shot without jamming his guns on Boelke!
Richtofen turned to help his mentor.
I managed to get a shot at him as he turned.
Lawrence now turned to help me!
He got another point off the German.
Phil was now attacked by Boelke.
Lawrence now jammed his guns!
Boelke seemed to getting the upper hand on Phil.
I turned after Lawrence to take over the chase, if I could.
Phil managed to evade Boelke.
As Lawrence disengaged, I got a great hit on Richtofen as he turned to engage.
I was able to turn and shoot at short range.
Richtofen fell (Using our Campaign rules, he managed to crash land and walk away!)
Boelke now turned for home...
...we were not going to catch him!
So, a hard won victory, and the Germans were unlucky!

Good game! (Now where is that balloon?)

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