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Saturday 17 February 2024

1940 blues!

Today - before our week off gaming next week, we had a game of 'What a Tanker' WW2.

I suggested an early war game using French against Germans...

We chose a Char B1 Bis, Phil's favourite, and Lawrence and I took an H-39 and and R-35

We faced 4 German vehicles, three Panzerjager Is and an early Panzer II.

Our brave French fellows!

The Boche!
Lawrence and I had set up a nice little terrain.
Lawrence's Inn has made appearances in many of our games!!!
The Germans had a Panzerjager on the left...
...the Panzer II in the centre...
...and 2 more Panzerjagers on their right.
Phil had his Char B on the left...
...My H-39 in the centre...
...and Lawrence's R-35 on our right.
Neither my Hotchkiss or the Panzer II opposite got to move, but we both fired! The German was the only one to hit, stressing my crew!
Phil advanced to cover.
Panzerjager advanced towards him.
The Panzer II was firing 3 times faster than me, but not because of his rapid firing cannon, it was just my crappy command dice!!!!
The Panzerjager facing Lawrence advanced towards him.
Lawrence's R-35 was struggling over the walls of a field!
Opposite Phil, the first Panzerjager was joined by another.
Lawrence was moving through a wood.
The Panzerjager headed to that same wood.
I had finally got moving in the centre and was now behind a wall near the inn.
The Panzer II advanced to cover too.
Lawrence didn't get a firing solution in his dice, so retreated back out of the wood.
I was missing every shot, but eventually the Panzer hit me...
My running gear was hit, my slow tank was now even slower!
I was trying to get out of this fight and help Phil, but I couldn't move!
The Panzerjagers were shooting, and their fire hit Phil.
His Char lost 2 temporary damage.
Lawrence was back in the stone field.
The Panzer II was still shooting at me, but my armour kept most hits out.
The Char B had fired many times, but failed to hit the lightly armoured Panzerjagers!
I finally got a good move and hid behind the Inn!
The Panzer apparently didn't see me go as he didn't move!
I fired from the field into the flank of a Panzerjager, but missed again!
Lawrence was outflanked by the Panzerjager facing him, which fired!
He got a running gear hit too!
The Panzer II finally came forward looking to see where I had gone.
Phil turned his Char to try and get in the field. He had been hit and was down to 2 Command dice.
The Panzer II got round the Inn and saw my rear!
Lawrence was down to 2 Command dice now too...
The Germans were undamaged, so we decided to bale out!!!
A very odd game, we couldn't hit anything, and our tanks were on the point of being destroyed quite convincingly.

Ah well, never mind!!!


  1. Interesting battle (and frustrating for the French, I bet) and great terrain!

    1. Indeed! - I think we knew we were doomed quite early on!!!