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Saturday 30 June 2018

A bad day for the Panzerwehr

Today, after a week off (due to a brush with a virus) - I was back at the club, and at Phil's suggestion it was Tanks again, giving my new solo rules a true workout.
I haven't fought a Panther so far in this game, so we balanced the game with 3 M4 Shermans! (Using my points system)

The protagonists!
Today's battlefield, another wonderful Lawrence creation! 
Lawrence started on our left... 
...I was in the middle... 
...and Phil on the right. 
Our opponent! A Panther Ausf G 
 Lawrence moved, but poor movement dice left him high and dry on a hilltop...
the Panther got a good die mix and fired...
The shot ripped through Lawrence's tank, which amazingly didn't 'brew up'. so his crew survived at least!
My tank moved out of the line of fire, and into cover!
Phil did a fast outflanking move round the German left. 
...fortunately out of sight of the Panther!... 
...and reached a good flanking position in one turn! 
He fired! 
 ...the shot whanged of the Panther's armour!
I raced to a firing position 
My fire damaged the Panther! 
 He fired back, but the shot glanced off my tank!
Fire from Phil made the German move into the road. 
 Phil got initiative before the German again, but threw the dreaded 'Double 1', his tank lurched to a stop as the crew struggled to fix their steed! 
The Panther moved back into cover, still shooting at me! 
 I had moved further into cover, and the shot missed! 
 I got the jump on the German and raced round his flank...
I got a good hit on the beast, as did Phil from the far side!
The Panther crew baled! 

The second game.

The solo run Germans, a Panzer IV G...
 ...in the middle a StuG IIIG...and another Panzer IV to its right
 On our right, I had a Cromwell IV...
 ...Lawrence was in an Achilles (An M10 TD)...
... and Phil was on our left with another Cromwell. 
The StuG started moving forward looking for targets. 
He failed to reach the hedgeline so ended his move in the open. 
 Lawrence let a 76mm AP round off at it... 
...The StuG scurried back as the shot went near! 
My Cromwell took a position on the hill overlooking the Germans. 
Opposite me, and unseen, one of the Panzers.... 
...began approaching. 
 I was busy engaging the other Panzer...
 ...I forced him back, but caused no damage.
Phil came into play against the same Panzer. 
...The German fired back ineffectually. 
 The StuG joined in against Phil.
Phil retreated back over the hill. 
The Panzer facing Phil now got hit... 
...I had got a lucky shot! 
 A second shot missed, as the German tank retreated slightly. 
The StuG was still stalking Phil! 
Phil came forward, firing at the Panzer IV. 
 He damaged its turret
(The Panzer's dashboard)
My Cromwell was looking for the Panzer IV coming up on my flank. 
It moved into a hull down position opposite me. 
 I fired at it, just as Lawrence's Achilles, which had come onto my flank, came alongside me.
My shot caused minor damage only. 
The Achilles let rip... 

We kept firing at the hapless German. 
...who was soon unable to respond! 
The Achilles had another shot... 
...a clean hit!... 
 ...The tank began to burn... 
Back in the centre, Phil fired at the StuG...
 ...which spun around to engage him.
He aimed and fired... 
...and fortunately for Phil he missed!
Having killed our Panzer, my Cromwell moved to engage the StuG, the Achilles lagging behind. 
 ...I was nicely on his flank.
 Not for long though, the StuG spun round again!
Phil had moved to re-engage the damaged Panzer IV. 
The German tank was forced back...AGAIN! 
The Achilles finally rejoined me, firing... 
...the surprised StuG fell back from the wall! 
 He rapidly regained his position, but was unable to shoot!
The Achilles had no such problem!
 The StuG burned as its ammunition exploded. 
Phil's Cromwell fired again at the crippled Panzer... 
...scoring a final hit! 
The crew bailed out! 
Another glorious victory for the British!

We had another day of fun playing this great game. If you haven't tried it yet, I really recommend it!