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Saturday, 9 June 2018

The Durham show 2018

Today, one of my favourite shows was on, the Durham Wargames Group open day.
As normal, I have done a Photo tour of the attendees!

First up, my 'Best at show' trader! Hoka Hey!
I like their Border Reiver range.... 
 ...and I bought some of this terrain!
A close up of some of the display figures. 
The proprietors... Alan..
...and Ann!
(Worley books in the background- I forgot to picture them...sorry!)
Paul, Ian and Rod, from our club! 
Graham's Wuerkshoppe 

Yeah, Midlam Miniatures! 
 Lots of X-Wing stuff, which I looked at!

 Lasercut Architect.

 Some very nice Sci-fiey MDF terrain!
...and some historical buildings...nice! 
(Mrs!) 4A miniatures.
Durham gamers Star Wars: Legion game. 

DWG again, doing Darkest Africa 
 Nice buildings and figures...
 ...and Zanzibari slavers!
Redcar Ironbeards doing Dragon Rampant. 
Ottoman vs Cossacks 42mm (DWG) 
This was a very striking looking game. 

Reiver castings - a lovely range of figures...

 ...incidentally, the range is going to Northumbria Painting Services soon, so sadly we may not be seeing RC again here.
 Tumbling dice, with their nice 1:600 aircraft 
Mike Schraner - one of the Durham gamers-  selling some very interesting...
...fantasy miniatures!
One of the regulars, the excellent Colonel Bills. 

 I know where to go to get 4Ground buildings!
 I like the look of Xyston miniatures.

Cold War Goes Hot 320mm moderns (Tantobie Warfare and Tactical Society)
Using Team Yankee rules. 
 Lovely Tanks!

Irregular miniatures, another must go to trader. 

A close up of some of their nice figures. 

Not sure who these were... 

...some interesting games on display though! 
Games of War 

Nice buildings and ships!
 And finally...the Bring and buy

And that was it!

Thanks to all the traders and players who took the time and effort to come.

Sadly.... and I am not sure why, traders like Dave Thomas, and Pendraken/Minibits were absent this year, so I ended up coming home early, with most of my money.

There seemed to be more space given to games this year, which although I do like to see them, are not the main reason to go to shows like this...I go to look at and buy games and figures!

I was a bit disappointed by this years show. 

I only hope next year we are back to the great little show I remember!


  1. I know what you mean about a lack of Traders..same Thing here at the last Events I visited..lots of games and Workshops but less to buy.

    1. Yes Paul, I only hope it doesn't sound the death knell for these shows!

  2. Hello there Richard: Great to see you again and thanks for the show report.
    Ann and I enjoyed the day and it was nice to spend some time to chat.
    Thanks to all at the club and the visitors etc. See you again soon.kind regards Alan & Ann ( Hoka Hey)

    1. Cheers Alan! I hope you are at Border Reiver and/or Battleground later in the year, I have more to buy!!!

  3. If it's of any help, here's a little info for some of the photo captions.

    Photo 17 is Four A Miniatures. Mrs Four A Miniatures, I believe.

    Photo 31 is a DWG member who paints figures and sells them at local shows, etc. (unfortunately I can't remember his name).

    Thanks for posting this up, as I was rather curious to see what the show would be like when I heard about who was trading and who wasn't. I didn't attend myself - as I don't drive - and I wasn't working the show, so couldn't get a lift there.

    Roy (Colonel Bills)

    1. Cheers Roy!

      I have updated the blog with the info you provided!

  4. Hi Richard, Pendraken informed us last year that, for purely economic reasons, they would not be attending our show. It seems that we're just not big enough. As for Dave Thomas I understand that he has cut way back on his show attendance so if you're going to any others this year it may be wise to check on the show website to see if he's going to be there. Incidentally a list all attendees was on www.durhamwargames.co.uk. Hope to see you again soon. p.s. the mysterious photo 31 dude is Mike Schraner. Neil (DWG)

  5. Thanks for the photographs - enjoyed them very much

    1. Thanks Norm, I am glad you liked the post!
      I like to remember shows and games, hence this blog!!!