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Saturday 28 May 2016

1916 Spads in action

Today, I was not feeling like a competitive game, so had another bash at solo WW1 Wings of Glory, this time using my Spad VII's against a couple of Albatross DII's one Austrian with a single gun, and the other Oswald Boelke's twin gun model, The Spads only had a single Vickers. Historically, this meant the Albatrosses had a better kill ratio against the Spad VII. Would it be so in this game? I flew one of the planes, my wingman and the opposition were run by my solo rules

The Allies: A 23 squadron Spad, and a Spad from Escadrille Lafayette.
The Austro-Hungarian on the left, obviously being tutored by the great ace Oswald Boelke! 
 Both sides started nose to nose, The Germans in a more compact formation. 
Still out of range! 
 Both sides passed without effective fire, they were too busy avoiding collisions!
The Brit immelmanned... 
...causing damage on the Austrian. 
 The Vickers gun jammed, however.
 Great position...great frustration!  
 The American circled round while the Brit looked to be surrounded and shot down!
 Fortunately for him, he was screened by the Austrian from Boelke's guns!
 The American was still too far off to help.
 The Brit Immelmanned and missed!
 The American returned!
The RFC pilot Immelmanned again to chase the retreating enemy. 
 The Austro-Germans began turning to re-engage. 
The Austrian came off worst against the American. 
We passed again. 
The Brit followed Boelke,the others circled for an attack position. 
Unsurprisingly, Boelke Immelmanned....  
...The Brit was lucky to get away lightly! 
He was busy chasing the Austrian. 
The Albatross turned to avoid the Spad's fire. 
The Austrian's plane was half destroyed by this time. 
The Allies were looking in far better condition. 
 As the Austrian escaped, Boelke got on the Brit's tail.
The Brit Immelmanned to face his pursuer...
 ...while the Austrian chased the Yank.  
 The Brit managed to sideslip Boelke to try and clear the other Spad's tail. 
 He missed!
 ...then began trying to get on the Austrian's tail.
The American Immelmanned, and again outshot the Austrian! 
The Brit now moved to take over chasing the Austrian. 
The American moved to engage Boelke.
 The Brit found himself the centre of attention again!
 Boelke's twin guns riddled the Spad...
 ...who banked left in pursuit of the Austrian.
In doing so he threw Boelke off his tail - and got a shot at the Immelmanning Austrian!
...and Jammed his gun again! 
 Fortunately, the Central powers were not in a position to punish him!
 The RFC pilot cleared his guns...
 ...and both planes Immelmanned...
 ...to re-engage.
 Boelcke caught the American in flank.
...but his guns jammed before much damage occurred. 
There were now 2 separate dogfights. 
 The Brit again Immelmanned.
 He got a good shot at the Austrian...
...who spiraled down out of control.  
As the Brit tried to engage Boelke... 
...the American Immelmanned to join him. 
Boelke out turned him and damaged his engine. 
 The other Spad Immelmanned...Again!..and tried to catch Boelke.
Boelke slipped behind the American... 
...who banked right to clear the way for the RFC Spad to get on Boelke's tail. 
The Brit struggled to turn with the Albatross. 
 Boelke managed to avoid his fire. 
 ...and turned to attack the American.
The American tried to scoot out of the German's way... 
...and failed! He was down to 4 points left now! 
The American dodged right, leaving the Brit to chase Boelke again! 
He sped to catch the slower Albatross. 
 The American also now turned to join the pursuit. 
The British Spad now gave up chasing the wily Albatross, and now banked left... 
...which could let the American get close enough to help? 
The German now turned to follow the Brit. 
All three surviving planes now began to converge. 
Two to one, what could go wrong? 
The American failed to get a shooting angle. 
...followed by the Brit! 
 Boelke and the Brit turned, and the Brit got a shot. 
 The Albatross was still flying..with minimal damage!
 The American, out of position again!
 The Spad managed to get on Boelke's tail.
..but then lost his firing position as the German manoeuvred. 
 Before the American arrived, Boelke Immelmanned to go nose to nose with the Brit...
The RFC Spad fell in flames, and the damaged American retreated and flew home.
 So, who do you think I was playing?

The Austrian?

The American?

Oswald Boelke?

NO! - That was me falling to earth with a dead pilot!
Never mind! Good game!