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Saturday 25 February 2017

Flights of fancy

Today, with poor Phil working, we were three, Lawrence, Alex and myself, so we decided to do Wings of Glory WW1.
Our decision making skills being limited to 'Whatever!' - a couple of die rolls determined we would be fighting against an Albatros DII (Boelke) and a couple of Fokker Eindeckers.

Operating under my solo system they moved forward in formation.
They were rather more compact than our 3 DH-2s 
Alex, in the centre headed straight at the Boche, Lawrence banked left. 
 Poor Alex discovered the awesome firepower of the Albatros's twin Spandaus.
 ..His single Vickers gun was rather less effective!
 The lines passed through each other with no further shooting.
Both sides then turned to find targets. 
 It looked like Lawrence would be facing Boelke!
Alex missed an Eindecker 
Lawrence jammed his guns shooting at the same one, but Boelke missed him too! 
 Boelke chased Lawrence, but failed to hit again. (NB The solo birds do not count special damage) 
Neither Alex or I were in position to help. 
Boelke hung around Lawrence like a menacing hawk. 
 As Lawrence avoided an oncoming Eindecker, Boelke got him again.
I was turning to engage an Eidecker, the other Eindecker was chasing Alex. 
 I managed a good long shot at my Eindecker.
Lawrence had finally shaken Boelke off his tail. 
I was gettin close to the Eindecker, and was hammering it hard. 
 The other Eindecker turned to face me, Alex was rather...out of the battle.
I stayed close behind the Eindecker, and got a lucky hit!
 Down in flames! 
I was now paired against the last Eindecker, Alex had re-engaged to help Lawrence against Boelke. 
My enemy flew by, and I met Alex in 'No Man's land'! 
Lawrence bravely went nose to nose with Boelke, equal damage! 
Alex and I turned to engage Boelke, the Eindecker finally turned to join us! 
Lawrence was weaving side by side with Boelke. 
 Alex went nose to nose with Boelke, and again equal damage!, Lawrence got shot by the Eindecker.  
 Lawrence got a shot at Boelke following an Immelmann.
 I was facing the Eindecker.
I evaded it and got a good hit on Boelke as he chased Lawrence. 

 I missed the Eindecker straight after!
 Boelke hit Lawrence again!
 Lawrence Immelmanned and evaded, cleverly!
I was turning to chase the Eindecker. 
 It flew into Alex and caused some damage.
The Eindecker was playing with Alex! 
 I managed to get a shot on Boelke as he turned to attack me.
Whoo! That was enough, smoke issued from Boelke's plane 
 He probably crash landed!
Immelmann in his Eindecker now made his escape!
 That was a tough little game! At least we all survived!

With time left we had a game with faster crates, I was relieved, as having done 2 X-Wing games this week, I felt the need..for Speed!

The Germans diced up 3 Fokker DR1 Triplanes.
We had 3 Sopwith Camels, a classic engagement! 
 We advanced and passed each other, and began turning.
Lawrence was in the lead, and got a shot at the Red Baron as he turned. 
Alex and I turned after the other 'Tripes'. 
In a furball, poor Alex got hit by the stripey tripe. 
We now jockeyed for position. 
Stripey turned on Alex, and hit him! 
I Immelmanned on stripey's tail and hit him! 
Lawrence, meanwhile, charged between 2 Tripes and got a fleeting shot at the Baron! 
 I was sticking like glue on Stripey's tail, but not doing much damage.
 Alex had escaped to attack the Baron.
 I was still missing!
Alex Immelmanned away from the Baron, as the Green Tripe had closed on him too! 
 I got a good hit at last on stripey...
..Stripey Immelmanned out of trouble, but I got a good hit on the Baron, who couldn't shoot back for fear of hitting Stripey! 
 Lawrence was focused on Greeny.
 I went after the Baron with Alex.
 Alex got on his tail...
 ...the Baron escaped, however.
 The Baron turned in front of Alex, but he missed again! - Unlucky!
 Lawrence was chasing the other 2 Tripes.
 As Alex chased the Baron. I turned onto Stripey.
 All our Camels tried to mob Stripey!
 Stripey combined with Greeny to sandwich poor Alex!
 Down he went...as per normal in our games, he got the choice of any German plane to take over!
 He was going to take Greeny, but I got on his tail...
OK, Alex will take Stripey instead! 
Lawrence and I were chasing the Baron. 
Lawrence caught the Baron as he turned again, this time more effectively. 
I turned to engage Alex... 
 Alex hit me hard, I almost missed!
 We passed, and I turned sharply.
I got on Alex's tail... 
 ...I soon had him in my sights...
Sorry Alex! 
Down in flames! 
The Baron now made a leisurely escape! 
We had won again, Lawrence had even escaped having ANY damage, my 6 points were all caused by Alex! 

A couple of fun games! We always have a blast with this game when we play it.