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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Poe Dameron's shuttle adventure

Today, I had a game of X-Wing to try out the solo rules, and the new models I had got.

I had a scenario in mind...

After the destruction of Starkiller base, the Resistance have moved from the Illenium system, and the X-Wing flights have dispersed while a new base is set up.
Poe Dameron, and his small group have heard that a First Order shuttle, which escaped the destruction of Starkiller base, has been found drifting near an asteroid field near Poe's moonbase. 
Poe is instructed to retrieve the shuttle, and quickly, as the First Order, not having any ships nearby, have sent a private tug to retrieve it.
Who knows what plans might be found in the shuttle's data banks, and what use a captured shuttle might be to the Resistance in the continuing struggle?

Poe, leading 2 Red squad wingmen. A tow ship is waiting for the fighters to secure the area before moving in.
 They close with the shuttle's position, the asteroids make scanning difficult.
BB8 tries to clean up the scans, and reports an Upsilon command shuttle with a Quadjumper nearby.
POE: "Thanks BB8, keep watching for anything funny! - Its not like the order to leave a ship like this unmanned" 
Soon, the shuttle appears on viewer, it seems to be being towed.

POE: " Black leader to tug captain, we are taking possession of that shuttle, release it, or we will open fire, do you understand? " 
"POE: I repeat, release that shuttle or we are authorised to use deadly force"  
 The shuttle shuts off its tractor beam, and begins to move away from the shuttle, which begins to drift. 
One X-Wing breaks left...
...while Poe and the other move in on the shuttle. 
As they close, BB8 whistles, the shuttle's engines burst into life! 
Its wings deploy, this is no abandoned wreck!!! 
POE: "Its a trap! --Close up, guys, looks like there are more of them in the asteroids!" 
POE: "Yep, looks like 3 Ties!"
Not wanting to get involved,  Unkar Plutt puts on full burn and makes his getaway, back to Jakku!  
 The Ties move warily through the asteroids, incidentally giving time for the shuttle to clear out of the way!
 The right X-Wing chooses to break right.
 Poe manages a long range shot at the shuttle...  
One hit... 
Only 5 shields and 6 hull points to go! 
 The 3 Ties clear the asteroid field...
 The X-Wings jockey to find targets. 
 Red 7 is surprised by the shuttle as it turns!
Poe, fearless as ever, faces off 2 Ties. 
Red 8 takes the last Tie.  
With the highest pilot skill, Poe fires first... 
...He fires at the Omega leader. 
Accurate, but the wily Tie pilot evades the laser fire. 
Omega leader shoots back... 
...not even close! 
The other Omega pilot, at long range, also misses. 

 Red 7 is at close range of the shuttle...
2 hits, and with his 'Focus' action... 
...that makes 3! 
Only 2 shields left on the shuttle, this may be easy! 
 The shuttle fires back (The 5th!!!) dice was a blank!
His Focus action makes 4 hits!!! - this shuttle is not to be messed with! 
Red 7 now has no shields, another hit like that will destroy it! 
Red 8 shoots at his Tie (apparently with enemy weapons!), and gets 2 hits - the Tie loses its shield and a hull box!
 The Tie fires back, and using his Focus, gets 2 hits too. 
Poe's wingmen are showing some wear and tear! 
...as is the shuttle!
As one, the Ties put on full speed to pass the X-Wings! 
Red 7, shaken by the brush with the shuttle, nearly rams one of the Ties. Red 8 turns behind them, and Poe Tolon rolls into firing position! - his shooting gets a hit!
 The Tie fires at Red 7, and gets 2 hits! 
 Red 7 shoots back...
Looks like a miss... 
The target lock re-roll delivers a hit though! 
 Red 8 also gets a shot on the Tie...
 ...the slippery Tie dodges brilliantly!
Red 7 is looking very ropey now! 
 Red 7 limps away, licking his wounds, Poe and Red 8 get behind the Ties. 
 One Tie tried a Koiogran turn, but just ended up out of range of Red 8 
 Poe shoots, with target lock.
2 hits, initially,
The re-roll makes it 3! 
 The Tie plays his evade action, and survives! 
2 of the Ties are definitely close to destruction!
Red 8 gets a shot...
2 hits, good shooting! 
Red 8 finds himself nose on to the shuttle, which has made another 90 degree turn! 
With the Focus action, he gets 2 hits on it. 
The shuttle shoots back, only it has a Focus action left... 
2 hits on the X-Wing. 
The shuttle now, at last, has no shields! 
Red 7 and 8 are in dangerous condition. 
The shuttle turns after Red 7. 
One of the Ties catches Poe as he turns to help Red 8. 
 At long range, Poe easily evades the fire!
 The shuttle, though, has Red 8 at his mercy... 
 ...the shuttle's massive firepower makes short work of Red 8.
Omega leader begins to stalk Red 7.  
 Poe Talon rolls again to catch the other Tie. 
2 hits! The Tie breaks up and explodes! 
Poe turns to help Red 7 with the last Tie, well aware they need to get rid of the nimble escort before dealing with the shuttle! 
The shuttle is not maneuverable enough  to catch the X-Wings quickly!
Red 7 gets a target lock on the Tie leader. 
Poe gets in range, but the Tie is undamaged. 
 The Tie speeds off to escape, but Poe turns to get another shot... 
 2 hits?
 The Tie has an evade action, so only one hit!
 It remains undamaged, but unshielded.
Red 7 keeps back... 
Poe chases the Tie, which does a signors loop to catch him! 
 He fires!
 Poe escapes, just!
 As Poe evades, the Tie turns on Red 7, nearly hitting him!
Red 7's return fire... 
 ...and gets 2 hits, including a critical hit! 
 A console fire, its only a matter of time till the ship is destroyed! 
Will Red 7 survive? 
 Poe races to help Red 7...
... not needed, as Poe fires, the Tie disintegrates! 
What of the shuttle? It had moved behind Poe while he went after the Tie. 
Even at long range, 2 of Poe's shields are lost. 
POE: "We have to get behind that shuttle, and stay there, or those guns will kill us" 
The shuttle, aware of its blind spot, comes to a stop!
As Poe and Red 7 try to pass it, the shuttles heavy guns get another hit on Black one! 
POE: Its ok, BB8, we can still manoeuvre! - stay with me buddy! 
Having survived the fire, the 2 X-Wings make it past the guns, the Shuttle tries to power away! 
Poe turns and can just reach the fleeing shuttle. 
A critical hit... 
...another console fire!  
The shuttle and Poe target lock each other. 

Poe gets the shot, though...and with the re-roll gets another crit-hit! 
Stunned pilot! 
As the shuttle turns sharply to bite its pursuers, Poe gets another shot! 
 With the target lock, another 2 hits!
 Red 7 had fallen behind, and the shuttle turned sharply to catch it at short range!!! - Poe gets to shoot first though... 
 One miss, but 3 hitting dice, only 1 evade!
 The shuttle is destroyed before it can shoot!
The 2 surviving X-Wings head for home!

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