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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Retro games and X-Wing

I had a varied and interesting day at the club today, Andy, our web master was bringing his son down this afternoon to do X-Wing.

This left Lawrence, Alex and I with time in the morning to do other things! I had rediscovered 2 games I used to play in the late 70's and early 80's (Yes, I am that old!)

The games, The Sorcerer's cave, a dungeon crawl game, and Mystic Wood, a slightly different game, where Knights have to complete a quest!
The systems both have card maps you move in by turning over - to see what is there, a passageway? -- or a cavern, which has nasties and/or treasure you have to fight or encounter...or run from! Lawrence won the first game, I escaped an earthquake, and having half my party turned to stone! I finally got out with the 2 men I had started with!
In wistic mud, sorry, Mystic Wood! I got the knight with the easiest quest, George, and I had to kill the dragon, obviously! I had a lot of luck and won easily!
More importantly, we had a lot of fun playing these old games, and enjoying their nostalgic magic!
Now, Andy and his son, Zach, arrived, and we started an opposed X-Wing game, Andy and I took Tie/fo fighters, and Zach a Tie/sf.
 Alex and Lawrence took 2 of my repainted red squad T-70 X-Wings. 
 I raced into the middle of the Rebel scum, Zach held back, and Andy took a wide outflank. The Resistance focused on me...Amazingly, neither side hit anything!!!
 Alex's T-70 tried to attack the Tie/sf.
Both X-Wings tried to attack Andy and Zach's Ties, but I did a Signors loop to get on Alex's flank. Again, only a few shields were lost in the shooting phase! 
 Lawrence turned out of the battle, leaving Alex alone getting shot at by our 3 Ties!
Alex bravely turned to face his pursuers... 
...but his X-Wing was destroyed by our combined fire! 
I turned to take on Lawrence, and his last X-Wing, Zach had come onto his flank with the Tie/sf. 
 Lawrence and I Koiogran turned on each other to fire at point blank range, I missed!.... 
 Lawrence threw 4 hits, 2 of them critical hits...
I got one evade. 
Having lost my shield earlier, I went BOOOM! 
Andy managed to get on Lawrence's tail as he attacked me... 
Boom again! 
Fun game, even if I died...again!

All in all, a very fun and satisfying day! 


  1. Loved the post :-) I spent many an hour with the cage and woods spreading over the dining table (often to the annoyance of mum and dad wanting to use it for the 'proper' reason) with friends and solo. Sold both years ago much to my regret so if you ever get fed up let me know as I have been trying to get tthem aagin at a reasonable price :-)

    1. I did the same as a student, and with my friends, I am SOOO glad I kept them, just in case!

  2. Played a lot of Mystic Wood at uni (and Sorcerer's Cave, Risk, Kingmaker and lots of RPGs)...only occasionally inconsiderately interrupted by having to go to lectures! Great game.

    1. I agree, I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun these games are, still!

  3. Sorcerers Cave - seeing this has been a wonderful nostalgic blast.

    1. Yes, as it was for me! I actually prefer Mystic Wood, with its slightly more advanced combat rules, but they are both wonderful games!

  4. That brought back memories - thank you