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Saturday 20 November 2021

Battleground 2021!

 Today, after a two year break (I wonder why!) - The Battleground show at Stockton upon Tees was back on!

As ever, I attended with a stuffed wallet and my trusty shoot an' scoot camera, so may I invite you to walk with me through this brilliant show!

Someone didn't want their picture taken! - The reception! - Free entry, so not too much to do methinks!

Anyone for a mask?

                        The Traders (NB: click here for links)

Colonel Bill's
They have some great figures, and lots of bits and bobs for gaming!
Lovely paint jobs!
Very helpful staff, as usual.
Eagle figures
My pics cannot do these figures justice, lovely!
Some of their painted models.
Their ranges are definitely worth a look at IMHO!
Beanie Games
Good place to stock up on Legion stuff, I only wish they still did the smaller Imperial Assault!!!!
World of tanks - actually not bad models from what I could see.
A new, and very welcome attendee - the Pit Gaming Shop.
A very nice range...
...I spent a while looking round!
One of the nice wargamers we have in NE England, Stephen (he does remarkably well with a Cochlear implant!) Nice guy!
Ah, back to The Pit!
They carry a lot of stuff!
Galloping Major
I have a lot of their French and Indian wars figures, top notch!
Bow and Blade.
Good range of Acrylics, sprays and all sort of tools.

Northumberland Tin Soldier, another new attendee.
These displays were very eye catching!

Northumberland Painting Services.
Their work speaks for itself!

Trent Miniatures...
some nice stuff on show.

Ah, the ever welcome Warlord games!
Very friendly, they also do great figures, great ranges. I think they will do a lot in getting folk started in gaming...
...or starting new periods!
Irongate scenery.
I get lots of 3d prints online, these are equally lovely (sorry for the poor pic quality!)
And for the overexposed one of this nice lady!!!
Hi there!
Some pics of their prints...

I couldn't resist getting one of these MDF Greenhouses! - not sure what I can use it for...!
I love the little furnishing items too...
...and the Dragon!
Bacchus? - sorry, not sure who these were!
This chap (Andy) is the chap I always end up spending most money with!
The redoubtable Last Valley!
A new Item, a stream with wooded edges!
I got a lot of those jungle stands, sorry Gollum is overexposed!!!
On to Warbases!
Another very friendly firm.
Loads of useful game aids.
Unusual, eclectic mix of MDF buildings.

Mighty Lancer games
These had a lot of visitors, so I didn't get a good look!!!
Ironclad Miniatures
Some lovely stuff again, and the Victorian figures are gorgeous.

Minibits, and Pendraken miniatures, these sponsor Battleground and make fabulous figures!...
...I often get decals from them too!
Andy McMaster, another friend and the nice guy who does our website!!!
We wer soon joined by Dave Hindmarsh from our club
More Pendraken!

Another newby at the show.
Very nice chap in charge!


Vanguard Re-enactment
These were a very nice group of re-enactors, very knowledgeable and with lovely kit!...
...and nice swords!
My favourite 13th century type of helmet!
Definitely wouldn't want to be hit by these!

68th Durham Light Infantry.

This is a very nice group of local re-enactors!
I handled this 'Brown Bess' a hunky piece of equipment!
Colonial period equipment.
Yep, an SMLE rifle, very nice!
The guys! Napoleonic, obviously.
In the desert!
Ah, the French and Indian wars uniform!

The Games

Wakefield and District wargamers
Nice looking 'Cruel Seas' game

My own Tyneside Wargames Club!
Two Petes and a Craig, doing a Trojan Wars game.
Ian Logan, from our club.
My friends at Westerhope Wargames Club...
A very nice ACW game
They also have a post about this show at THIS LINK ..
...well worth a look at!

Iacta Alea est
An interesting looking blind game of the Battle of Britain.
The German side!

Wargames in the Dungeon

A very pretty Vikings in the Mediterranean game.

Cozzmic Cakes:

 Use a Titan to shoot a cake, which you then eat...
...or you can simply buy them from the next table!

Brompton Bankers

These were doing a nice Samurai game.

Old Guard Wargames group - for Joshua (Part of a project honouring a family tragedy)
10mm Fantasy game, gotta love that toy dragon!
Very impressive looking armies!

A lovely Sci-Fi terrain
Not sure what the rules were.
But the terrain was fantastic!

I wonder what this battle is...
...Ah! -Stafford and District Wargamers.

Yorkshire Coast Wargamers

DBN Waterloo.

Not to be forgotten, the Bring and Buy!
Just a few pics...
...so you get the idea!

Durham Wargames Group

A rather nice looking west Africa scenario.

Generals and Kings

A tidy looking Italian Campaign game.

Border Reivers club

Some very striking 1809 Napoleonics.

Battlefields Trust / Mark Hornsby

Benouville Bridge

Harrogate SOBs

A rather impressive game of the pivotal battle of Sedan (Franco-Prussian War)

And Finally...

I just stood in the centre and shot a couple of pics of the crowd

I don't think it was as busy as pre Covid, but it was just as much fun!

I really must thank the organisers, Traders, Sponsors, and folks who came to put on games, you all deserve a medal for all your hard work! - Thank you very much!

Roll on Novmber 26th 2022!