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Saturday 6 November 2021

Back at the helm...

 Today, we got our Napoleonic ships out again for the first Sails of Glory game in quite a while!

We decided to try a clash of 74's, and to balance the points we used a Spaniard alongside 2 Frenchies to face the plucky Brits!

My ship was HMS Superb.

Lawrence had HMS Vanguard.
Phil, once again doomed by the dice to be our leader, took HMS Spartiate.
Against us, the enemy were the Spanish Argonauta.
The French Le Swiftsure...
...and Le Berwick.
Argonauta led the 2 Frenchmen upwind...
...at a sharper angle to the British.
The faster French soon began gaining on the slower Spaniard.
Our ships had the same problem, being led by the slower Spartiate.
Phil signalled us all to go to full sail to try and beat the French to the meeting point.
I rather thought we should have turned upwind in sequence as well, but hey ho - I wasn't in command!
Phil signalled us back to Fighting Sail, as we awaited the crunch!
Phil signalled a turn to port, rather than staying in line and turning in sequence, so we all turned in unison.
The French seemed to have the same idea!
Argonauta got a full broadside on my Superb against my forward arc fire, but I did well enough.
Phil had forgotten to have his Marines in the masts, the French didn't!
Le Berwick passed the confused melee, only to come under fire from Spartiate and Vanguard.
Musketry from both sides now took its toll.
Le Berwick had 2 fires and a broken mast.
Spartiate and the entangled Le Swiftsure were reduced to Marine musketry.
Lawrence and I turned downwind as did Argonauta and Le Berwick.
Phil and Lawrence got partial broadsides against the Hung up le Swiftsure.
Spartiate fired its other side at Argonauta, My fire hit Le Berwick.
With her crew decimated, Le Berwick struck her colours.
Both sides rapidly reloaded.
I crossed Argonautas bow, Vanguard and Spartiate blasted Le Swiftsure.
Vanguard managed a musketry fight with Le Swiftsure. The French won!
Argonauta and my Superb now traded shots, again I caused critical damage to her masts!
Lawrences Vanguard managed to get a stern rake against the damaged Le Swiftsure.
This was enough for the Frenchman as the ship foundered.
Argonauta, with 2 masts down and very heavy damage would probably have surrendered!

A great victory for the RN!


  1. A resounding victory indeed, the crews will be happy - plenty of prize money to go around! Naval games are not really my thing but the models always look very nice.

  2. Always liked the look of this (a fan of Wings of War too!) thanks for posting very nice!

    1. I always like playing Sails, but between games, oddly, I lose my enthusiasm, preferring WW1 Wings and What a Tanker etc. Weird!